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We know how important it is to make the business case for digital marketing. At Digital Reach, our focus is on keyword-level B2B data attribution, tracking your customers’ actions through the funnel and providing clarity into KPIs and ROI. We’ll help you construct a detailed map of the buyer journey, from raw leads, to marketing qualified leads (MQLs), to sales qualified leads (SQLs), to closed/won business. In-depth tracking and complete transparency are hallmarks of our digital marketing services, helping you track KPIs in real-time and transforming digital marketing into a reliable revenue-center. We’ll help you track to revenue, simplifying and demystifying the digital marketing experience and presenting it in terms of clear dollars-and-cents ROI.

Digital Reach was founded in 2011 after a series of bad experiences with other digital marketing agencies. Many competitors’ companies maintained (and still maintain) policies that are distinctly consumer unfriendly, including:

  • Limiting access to data
  • Reverting changes upon end of service agreement
  • Inflexible and unfair contracts
  • Poor communication and slow service

At Digital Reach, we want to do things differently. We will never restrict your access or hold your account hostage, and our support is always fast and reliable. The modern B2B company needs expert support and top-level strategy without delays, and our team of experienced industry veterans is always ready to assist.

Today, Digital Reach is a full service digital marketing agency with market expertise in SEM, SEO, Analytics, Web Development, Marketing Automation, and more. And, while we have grown in size and regularly offer new services, we still strive to maintain the same business principles that made us successful in the first place.

At Digital Reach, we bring our top-tier expertise and premium quality service to a wide array of enterprise and B2B partner companies. Our experience is cross-vertical and we’ve worked with companies in all stages of development, so we can help you achieve growth no matter what your short-term and long-term objectives are. Whatever your business goals, we can help drive growth, provide clarity into KPIs, and help your marketing campaigns succeed.

Our Team

  • Adam Perry
    Adam is a designer and developer with over ten years of agency experience. He is always looking to improve conversions—whether that's through sites, graphics, or videos. When he isn't designing, he enjoys writing and illustrating children's books and playing video games with his sons.
  • Ashley Meyer
    Ashley was a chemistry major who went rogue after finding herself in a marketing general education class in college. She has various industry experience in marketing, but her heart belongs to SEM.
  • Andrew Seidman
    Andrew has been immersed in the startup community since 2009, focusing on e-commerce, digital marketing and the sharing economy. He's the behind-the-scenes guy at Digital Reach, helping make sure that clients receive the highest quality of service. Andrew likes to play poker, but he's a lightweight, so just give him a drink first and then take his money. He won't say no.
  • Angela Asca
    Ange is a Front-End Developer and Designer with five years of agency experience. She has expertise in a variety of Content Management Systems and eCommerce platforms, and she’s always up to the task for demanding projects that need a quick turnaround. Ange is always embracing the latest technologies and trends and enjoys art shows, live music, and hiking in her free time.
  • Arin Adamson
    Arin Adamson started building computers when he was only 15 years old. In high school, he began developing & designing websites, and he hasn’t stopped since. When he’s not creating aesthetically beautiful webpages, he can be found in the deep woods of Georgia, exploring & mountain biking. Make sure to avoid meeting this guy in a first person shooting game. He could lurk around any corner.
  • Ben Childs
    Ben founded Digital Reach Agency in 2011 after brief stints at various startups and ad agencies. His strong personal relationships with his clients led to long-lasting success and growth for his business. Ben's expertise in online marketing is second only to his skill as a dancer. He once out-danced a Las Vegas go-go dancer, but if you ask, he'll swear it wasn't him.
  • Chaka Harris
    Chaka Harris is a native New Yorker who began his career in digital marketing sales in 1999. Things were a bit different back then, but things were a bit different last year as well. After spending the last four years at a dedicated digital marketing agency based out of the Bay Area, he brings his experience and creativity to Digital Reach.
  • Chris Tsotakos
    Chris is an SEM Strategist with over 5 years digital marketing experience. He has provided SEM work for many industries both in-house and at an agency. With a mind full of keywords and ad copy he has the right call to action for you. He loves to cook so ask him what's for dinner tonight and you might get an invite. Ask him what he's binging right now and you might get a lecture on film history.
  • Jake Thomas-Low
    Jake Thomas-Low optimizes AdWords campaigns almost as well as he slaps the bass in his Portland based metal band. If you have a question about SEO or SEM Jake probably has the answer, and if not he’ll scour the far reaches of Google to find it.
  • Julian Solonoski
    Julian is an East Coast native who now calls Denver, Colorado home. After a few years in various digital marketing roles he developed a passion for SEM. He eats, sleeps and breathes AdWords account optimizations. When he isn't reading up on the latest industry news you can find him in the mountains snowboarding, playing disc golf, hiking or camping with his wife and their German Shepherd Luna.
  • Kris Borja
    Kris is a lean, mean, marketing machine. He’s worn many hats in the marketing department throughout his professional life (from digital marketing to CRM deployments, copywriting and event marketing… you name it, he’s dipped his toe in it). He's always focused on driving tangible business results for his clients, and currently he does this by constantly taming Google’s newest search results algorithm. You can find him making music or riding his motorcycle when he’s not voraciously reading about all things marketing.
  • Keith Newsham
    Keith Newsham is a Senior SEO strategist and lover of all things digital. He’s hyper-focused on delivering meaningful value to his clients and colleagues. When not reading about the latest in SEO / Content Marketing, Keith is playing shows with his rock band at venues throughout Chicago.
  • Kim Brown
    Kim spent the past 15 years working her way through the tempestuous world of restaurants. She brings her renegade learnings about people and business operations to the DRA team. When she’s not using her passion for perfection to create the best SEM campaigns she can be found mushroom hunting, experimenting in the kitchen and seeking out the best yoga in Portland. Oh and Ben Childs may need to revoke his dance-pro crown.
  • Lauren Sauers
    Lauren has a bachelor’s degree in business administration as well as a few years of experience in management. She owned a bakery for a while, but decided she wanted a little more freedom, so she found her dream job as Operations Coordinator for Digital Reach. Outside of work Lauren loves to travel, bake, and hike.
  • MacAdam Lea
    MacAdam Lea is a full time computer nerd and all-around standup gentleman. When he isn’t optimizing and restructuring AdWords campaigns, he loves running and slalom skiing, and reminding everyone that he’s an Eagle Scout.
  • Melissa Swanson
    Melissa has worked in the link building world for about 5 years and is interested in continually learning more about the always-changing SEO world. When she is not out building links she can be found signing up for runs in Chicago or enjoying any country concert in the area.
  • Nick Rennard
    Nick Rennard is the proverbial internet Whiz Kid. A one-time gamer, nowadays he’s crunching through numbers and finding the solutions your business needs. He also trains dogs when he’s not optimizing. Dog training and World of Warcraft training sold separately.
  • Ralf Schulz
    Ralf joined Digital Reach after launching the SEO division at another agency, providing strong PPC & SEO experience. In particular, his knowledge of SEO principles & strategies has led his clients to dramatic performance increases. In his free time, Ralf likes to spend time with his family, snowboard, and enjoys the occasional track day.
  • Rebecca Berin
    From the city to the mountains, Rebecca came from the startup tech world in Chicago to be closer to the outdoors. She has spent several years in marketing with many of those being devoted to taking on the fast-paced world of SEO. Outside of work, you can find her singing, cooking, and sharing a mountain view (and many a growler of craft beer) with her boyfriend, Dave, and their two geriatric mini schnauzers.
  • Shawn McKenzie
    Shawn has been around computers since the days of Windows 3.1 when games were on a 5 ½” floppy! Recently, nights of gaming have been replaced by diaper changes and feedings with the addition of his son. He brings a fresh perspective to the team, with an unparalleled enthusiasm to learn and grow.
  • Steve McMillen
    Steve has always been fascinated by technology and has been developing web content for the last decade. He started out with custom Flash content for use in educational material and quickly moved on to common standards development for websites and custom applications. He has extensive experience with both front-end and back-end code molding and is eager to bring his skills to bear for your project.
  • Zach Mandelblatt
    Zach has been roaming the Digital Marketing streets for years, demonstrating his expertise across platforms and disciplines (AdWords, Analytics, BingAds, Shopping Feeds, etc.). A former professional baseball player, Zach brings the same focus to solving difficult SEM/SEO problems daily. A regular at Los Hermanos Mexican food on Chestnut St., Zach is often found playing basketball or music. Oh yeah, and he has his DCI number memorized.

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