Account-Based Marketing Solutions

You’ve heard the buzz – Account-Based Marketing represents targeted, scalable, hyper-effective marketing that leads directly to growth. You may also have found that it’s much easier in theory than in practice. Our Account-Based Marketing Strategists understand how to build an Ideal Client Profile (ICP), configure your CRM and Marketing Automation platforms to support Account-Based Processes, integrate your 3rd party data tools, align sales and marketing and empower your sales team.

Detailed Strategy Audit

We’ll perform an in-depth evaluation of your current Account-Based Marketing and Sales workflows, including CRM structure, Marketing Automation configuration, landing pages, targeted advertising, website optimization and speed, link profile, sales platform integration, and content organization and production processes. Then, we’ll produce an actionable, detailed report with recommendations for best practice implementations.

Ideal Client Profile (ICP) and Target Account List

Construct an ICP, build your target account list, and configure your CRM to connect lead activity to account scores using Lead-to-Account (L2A) organization. Use firmographic and predictive data to build your list, then use a weighted account score to rank your most active prospects. We structure account-based strategies that score accounts based on engagement, intent, firmographics, demographics, geographics, technographics, funding news, industry news, leadership changes, conference attendance, and more. We’ll help you organize your CRM and Marketing Automation to reflect what pieces of data mean the most to your sales and marketing teams.

Targeted Advertising

Deliver personalized advertisements to the right contacts at the right accounts at the right time. We’ll help you select your messaging, structure and optimize your campaigns based on L2A scoring, and optimize your ads for maximum effectiveness across all major search and display networks.

Account-Based Content Strategy

Alignment between marketing and sales teams is a critical component of Account-Based strategy. That means incorporating content-specific ROI data, dynamic signal information, and your salespeople’s first-hand experience when crafting your content. Plus, you then need to make that content easily accessible and useful when your sales team at work. We’ll help you organize your content process and tailor it for Account-Based Marketing and Sales.

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