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Marketing automation software like Hubspot, Marketo, Pardot, Eloqua, and Autopilot are some of the most powerful tools for the modern B2B marketer. But, they can be incredibly complex – creating and managing a comprehensive marketing automation instance requires significant time and expertise. Finding automated marketing solutions can create lead development, opportunity nurturing, sales routing, and more. We talk to companies every day who aren’t getting the most out of their marketing automation platform. Are you?

Why do I need an inbound marketing consultant?

Finding a marketing automation or inbound marketing agency might seem like an ordeal, but our service is designed to provide clarity, transparency, speed, and effectiveness. Our automated marketing solutions contain the following four structural elements:

Lead Nurture

When your website receives an engagement, what happens next? Making sure you have a strong lead nurturing program can massively decrease funnel attrition. Don’t let engaged leads forget about you – a well-organized stream of nurture content can make a huge difference for your lead generation program.


Campaign-based Marketing

We’ll craft workflows to support your upcoming initiatives, ranging from webinars and ebooks to tradeshows, product launches, press releases, and more. Workflows track engagement, provide dynamic content to people across multiple segments, and make sure that your content (and the response to engagement) happen exactly how you want, automatically, every time.

Lead Re-Engagement

If your leads don’t engage, don’t worry – a lead re-engagement program will feature unique and interesting content, including polls, videos, and more to re-establish contact with potential buyers. Don’t let anyone slip through the cracks – then, when re-engagement occurs, these leads can get sent back to Nurture, to your SDRs, or all the way up to your closers.


Operational Automation

Most sales organizations have set rules – West Coast leads go to Jane, East Coast go to Jim, Software leads to Jennifer, and so on. Operational rules help ensure that your workflows are organized, consistent, and predictable. Whether your focus is lead routing, lead scoring, automated email response, CRM campaign classification – operational automation has your bases covered.

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CRM Management

Without a clean CRM, marketing automation can be challenging. That’s why our team of CRM experts is available to make sure you collect clean data and that you organize it in a way that is useful, readable, and scalable. Handling custom fields, custom workflow rules, sync issues, and general funnel management is especially important and is an area of strength for our marketing automation consultants. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by your CRM – we are here to help.

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