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By Digital Reach | SEM | September 8, 2015

5 Common Mistakes Targeting Audiences in AdWords

Marketing your company doesn’t have to be the hardest thing in the world or cost you hundreds of thousands of advertising dollars. With some forethought as to who you’re actually targeting you can generate some serious interest and loyal followers in your product or service. Obviously this idea appeals to any business owner, but oftentimes they will make the same mistakes over and over without recognizing why their marketing efforts are not succeeding.

I’m going to share with you the top-5 common mistakes made when developing a marketing plan for targeting audiences in AdWords.

Too Broad of an Audience

While we would all love to be able to sell to everyone, it’s simply not realistic. People have different interests, needs, and financial levels. As a business owner you want to target people who want to buy what we have to sell now and can afford it. While you don’t want to go after too big of an audience, you also don’t want to target too small of a group either otherwise you risk missing out on potential customers who may be interested in buying what you’re selling.

The Wrong Audience

motor-yacht-634925_1280You wouldn’t try to sell a luxury yacht to a family farmer in the middle of Nebraska would you? The obvious answer is no, but why?  For one, they probably can’t afford it and two, there’s no giant body of water in the middle of Nebraska that could support having a luxury yacht. If you are a luxury yacht producer and you’re advertising online you’ve just narrowed down your audience based on their geographic location and financial demographics.Then you can consider other things about your target audience, like their demographics or their psychographics. You shouldn’t worry too much about the consumers you are excluding, instead you should focus on who you’re including.

Know Your Audience

Once you’ve decided on your audience, make sure you market to them. A key exercise is putting yourself on the other side of the table.  If you were the audience that you’re trying to reach, what is it that you’re looking for when being marketed to? What draws your attention to one ad over another? What compels you. Looking to sell luxury yachts to farmers in Nebraska probably won’t get you anything, but if you market to multi-millionaires in Hawaii, then you’ve found a market!

You should learn how to speak to your audience. What words and ideas will appeal to them? Saying something is “swell” might make you sound old fashioned if you’re trying to sell to a younger crowd. Knowing how your target audience thinks and speaks will take you farther and lead to more sales. You should also be aware of the different options open to you for delivering your marketing message. Our PPC technician Macadam Lea gives a great breakdown of how you can focus your marketing strategy based on the platform you’re delivering your message on. Google works pretty well for everyone, but if you are targeting a younger audience Facebook might be the most effective option. If you are going after that older and more affluent yacht buying population you may want to consider advertising more on Bing.

What’s Your Message?

You have to give a very compelling message to make someone come to you over your competition. “Boats for Sale” certainly isn’t going to have that multi-millionaire in Hawaii click on your ad, but something more like “extensive selection of the finest luxury superyachts for sale from leading luxury yacht brokers” may be much more attractive. Keeping your message simple and direct is important for people to know what you’re selling, yet at the same time you need to deliver that information in a way that keeps it compelling.

Keep Pushing

Now that you’ve found your target audience and written your ad, you need to keep that ad in front of of your audiences eyeballs. You can’t send out one ad once a month and expect results. Marketing online is a constant process. You need to keep your ads in the public eye if you want them to buy from you. If you don’t you risk falling into obscurity and losing those valuable yacht sales.

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