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By Nick Rennard | Uncategorized | June 24, 2014

Ad Rotation & AB Split Testing (part 3)

Part 1 of this series discusses the value of reducing the number of variables in AB split testing.

Part 2 discusses how to decide which ad is the “winner.”

Part 3 will go over one of the most important words to use in your ad text to increase your click-through-rate. Let’s talk about the word ‘free.’

People love clicking on the word ‘free.’ It’s almost as if they feel that they’re gaining something for nothing by clicking on the ad. There are very few situations where an ad without the word ‘free’ beats an ad that contains the word ‘free.’

“But I’m not giving anything away on my website. How am I supposed to include ‘free’ when I have nothing to give?”

Let’s go over a few examples/offers that can help you come up with some ideas:

Many e-commerce websites offer free shipping if the customer completes an order of at least a certain dollar value. Example (for us Game of Thrones nerds):

Buy Dragons Online
Bolster Your Army w/ Dragons!
Free Shipping: Orders Over 500 Gold

Baby Dragons For Sale
Huge Variety, Browse Online Today
Buy 2 Dragons & Get 1 Free!

But let’s say you’re not an e-commerce business. There’s plenty of other conversions you could (and should) be tracking other than online sales. Calls & form completions are two of the major candidates to utilize the word ‘free’ in your ad text. The word ‘free’ catches people’s eye, and you can often attach it to your call-to-actions (what you want visitors to do upon reaching your landing page).

Let’s use a law firm as an example. Let’s also say that this law farm is tracking both phone calls and form completions on their website.

Side note: Form completions are a great way to generate leads. If you haven’t implemented this on your website, then I highly recommend giving people a way to contact you by simply submitting their information with the click of a button. You can track it, you can optimize it, and you will make more money with it.

Here are a couple ad examples:

Criminal Defense Lawyers
Reliable & Affordable Attorneys
Call Today For A Free Consultation!

As a lawyer, a free consultation is something that you will often do for potential clients regardless of whether or not it’s showing in your ad text. This is a great way to catch people’s eye and make customers feel that they will gain something by contacting you.

Need Legal Advice?
Affordable Attorneys Since 1995
Free Case Review: Submit This Form!

See how the word ‘free’ is attached to the call-to-action? The same is true in our dragon example where we have the word ‘free’ in the same line as the words ‘order’ and ‘buy.’ This ad writing technique makes the customer subliminally feel that they can take advantage of your free offer by simply completing your call-to-action. This also helps the customer know what they’re supposed to do on your website before they even land on the page.

It’s an effective technique that you should apply to your ads. If you’re not already using the word ‘free’ in your text, or you’re struggling to find ways to implement it into your ads, then it’s a good idea to brainstorm and find something that you could list as ‘free.’

I hope this ad rotation blog series serves as a useful tool to help write ads for your PPC campaigns in the future. In my next blog I’ll be discussing how to properly add negative keywords to your campaigns in order to block out unwanted traffic. Stay tuned!

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