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By Digital Reach | SEM | February 8, 2016

Call Only Campaigns

Call Only Campaigns

Call Only Campaigns


Finally, Google has come up with Call Only campaigns – uniquely designed ads that let you promote your service or product and that lets searchers can call directly from their mobile unit. This is great for people on the go that need something now. If your end goal is for people to call you, this is a great option as studies have shown that 70% of mobile users use Click To Call(!)


Call Only Campaigns


What’s the upside?

If searchers have to hunt around on a website for information they’re more likely to bounce. By allowing calls directly from the ad, you’re eliminating the middle man. When you click on a Call Only ad, you will immediately get the “call” button to dial through. These ads are fine-tuned to show only on mobile devices capable of making calls.

Another upside is the level of ad focus: you’re only trying to get the public to do one thing… call.  By focusing ads on this one action, ads can be even more tailored.

Like other search campaigns, you’ll have a keyword list and the same principals will still apply. But, as technology changes, people will move away from stand-alone desktops to units they can use wirelessly or plug in anywhere. Mobile is here and Google is making sure we can attack it.

What’s the downside?

Sadly, it doesn’t dial through for you with one click. You have to press the “call” button on your phone or other mobile device.  This means that you’re paying for a click whether the searcher actually ended up calling through or not. This isn’t a flaw in the system, it’s the mobile provider’s way of trying to combat “pocket dialing.”

How Do I do this?

Setting up a Call Only ad is simple. First you click on the type of ad you want to create (in this case it’s Call Only) and you will be given this screen.

Call Only Campaigns

By filling in the ad information, proper URL and phone call tracking information, you won’t have an ad driving traffic to your website, but rather driving people to call you. So why the URL then? It helps show the user who they are actually calling. Once they click on your ad, the number is loaded up on the searcher’s phone. This is a great time saver on their part, since they just want to get ahold of you.

This is a great user experience boost for users and just one more step into a truly mobile future.

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