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By MacAdam Lea | SEM | February 10, 2017

AdWords IF Functions

On January 30th 2017 Google launched their new IF Functions. This coincides with the removal of Standard Text ads, which you can read about in my blog on Extended Text Ads. IF Functions are a simple new way to include relevant messages in your Extended Text Ads. We are now able to insert custom messages into our ad copy when specific requirements are met. Default ad copy will show if the custom message cannot be inserted or doesn’t trigger. IF Functions are similar to the “Ad Customizers” that were launched in 2014. We no longer need to create a custom spreadsheet to make them work. With IF Functions we’re able to create specific rules on a case-by-case basis while writing Extended Text Ads in AdWords. We’ll go through a step-by-step example below for creating an IF Function for Mobile and Desktop traffic.

Benefits To Using IF Functions:

Highly Relevant Creatives: Instead of having one text ad for all types of traffic we can call up specific lines of text for various target audiences.

Easy Implementation: In the past we would have had to create a whole spreadsheet to simulate the same effect. Now we can customize creative in an ad-by-ad basis.

Mobile Specific Text: With the implementation of Extended Text Ads mobile preferred creatives are no longer offered, but IF Functions allow mobile specific texts.

Step 1

Go into AdWords and select the Extended Text Ad that you want to edit. You can also create a new one from scratch:

Select or Edit Ad

Step 2

Next we’ll need to select the IF Function from a list of custom functions. We do this by typing in a single { into the headline or description we want to add an IF Function to. For my example, I’ve chosen the first headline:

Select Custom Function

Step 3

If the IF Function has been selected then we should see {=IF(device=mobile,insert text):default text} pop up in the selected headline or description. In this example we’ll be sticking with the default for Mobile Devices. It is possible to create IF Functions for most custom lists (Remarketing, Did Not Convert, Tablets etc.):

Unedited IF Function

Step 4

Once we’ve selected the IF Function and the custom list we’re targeting (mobile devices in this example) we’ll want to plug in the custom text for Mobile Devices and our backup text if the user doesn’t meet our custom requirements. In this example we’ll be showing the headline “Use Our Mobile App” if the user is on a Mobile Device, and the backup text “Best Price Guaranteed”:

IF Functions    

Now all mobile traffic will see an add targeting them specifically. Everyone else will see an ad that still makes sense and is relevant. Keep in mind that this is just an example, and there are many ways to utilize the new IF Functions.

Uses For IF Functions:

Dynamic Keyword Insertion: IF Functions and Dynamic Keyword Insertion work independently. This means that we can use Dynamic Keyword Insertion and IF Functions in the same ad.

3rd Party Tracking: IF Functions are compatible with all 3rd Party tracking tools and providers.

Dynamic Search Ads: Able to use IF Functions in the description line.

Ad Extensions: IF Functions work in the headline and description text for Ad Extensions: Sitelink Extensions, Review Extensions, Callout Extensions, Seller Rating Annotations, Social Annotations.

IF Functions are a little over one week old as this blog is going out. This means we still don’t have any specific data on how much they can improve key data points like Click Through Rate and ROI. I may circle back to this topic once IF Functions have been around for a couple months. In the meantime hop into your AdWords account and start testing them out. Let us know in the comments about your successes and failures. If you’re struggling with the implementation feel free to Contact Us at Digital Reach Agency and we’ll help get you pointed in the right direction.

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