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By Nick Rennard | SEM | March 2, 2016

AdWords TrueView Youtube Advertisements: Set Up Guide

In my last blog I covered Google’s TrueView video campaigns, as well as some general points you may want to consider before you start paying to run advertisements on YouTube. TrueView ads wont charge you for a view until someone has actively engaged with your video, which usually involves either 30-seconds of viewing or a click on a link. Today I’m going to provide a step-by-step explanation of how you actually build one of these campaigns in AdWords. If you have any questions about how TrueView works be sure to go read my other blog first.

Sign in to your AdWords account.

Click “Campaigns”:

Step 1

Click +CAMPAIGN, and then click Video:

Step 2

Enter a campaign name:

Step 3

Choose a campaign subtype:

Step 4

For standard campaigns, do the following:

  • Enter a budget.
  • Choose the networks where you want the video campaign to run.
  • Choose the locations where you want to target (or exclude) your campaign.
  • Choose the language of your customers.
Step 6

(Optional) Choose the devices you want to show your ads on. You can target particular operating systems, device models, and carriers. By default, your ads will show on all eligible devices.

(Optional) Edit your campaign’s advanced settings.

Click Save and continue.

Enter an ad group name.

Step 10

Next to “Your video,” choose a YouTube video:

Step 11

Next to “Video ad formats,” choose either In-stream ador In-display ad. Enter the required information.

Set a bid amount:

Step 13

(Optional) Edit the targeting methods you want to use for your ads. By default, your ads will show to all viewers.

Click Save ad group.

Now that you have the tools to create “TrueView” campaigns for yourself all that’s left to do is create a YouTube account and make some Video Advertisements. Like any other AdWords campaign your results are going to vary from industry to industry, but I’ve seen some clients have a lot of success expanding into the Video Advertising market. Just do your best to make sure that you’re targeting interested users and soon you’ll getting a solid ROI.  

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