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Search Engine Optimization, also referred to as SEO, is a very ambiguous form of online marketing. It is also known to many as organic or natural search. All search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo have an organic algorithm with many variables to determine the quality of a particular site. These algorithms are ever… Read More

September 22, 2015

The whole process begins with what the user types into the search box. Keyword research is undoubtedly one of the most important activities in search marketing today. Making sure that you rank for the perfect keyword can make or break your site, so you must do a thorough job of researching your keywords. This allows… Read More

July 22, 2015

Everyone is well aware of “Mobilegeddon”, Google latest mobile search algorithm change. With all the news focused on this new update, which starting rolling out yesterday and could take 7-10 days to complete, there hasn’t been much focus on the Doorway Page update. Before we get started I’d like to show Google’s definition for a… Read More

April 24, 2015

For power users of AdWords, AdWords Editor is an invaluable resource. In most cases, AdWords Editor provides account managers a much more efficient and convenient way to make mass account changes, view in-depth account data alongside a palate of editing tools, and perform regular account maintenance tasks. For more information on the convenience of AdWords… Read More

March 30, 2015

Your site is built and you’ve been diving into your newly installed Google Analytics. You know you need to generate traffic, but where does that traffic come from? We’ve become familiar with traffic sourced from Google organic or even Google paid search, and, in the past this drove most of your web traffic. Like they do so often,… Read More

March 26, 2015

In 2015 mobile optimization has been on every site owners mind. Agencies like us have been wondering for some time now when/if mobile search will be a ranking factor for Google, with underlying questions like, “will it have any real significance and when will it be implemented?” Google announced recently on Webmaster Central that making your… Read More

March 17, 2015

We’re all aware that Google dominates online search. Over the last few years Yahoo has been struggling to keep their share of the market, but times have changed. Yahoo’s deal with Mozilla, maker of Firefox, is slowly reversing their old decreasing trends. In the United States, Firefox has signed a deal with Yahoo making them… Read More

February 11, 2015

In contrast to ads run through its standard search network, Google’s display network allows marketers to place ads all over the web (not just on the results page of a Google search). This makes the display network a powerful tool for those looking to place visual and text ads in a variety of places. If you’re… Read More

February 5, 2015

For most people, content marketing is still a fairly new concept. Let’s start with the concept: you create relevant, valuable content to draw attention and establish a relationship with your clients or readers. Although the concept is easy to understand, as with most things, there is a learning curve. I’ve put together a list of common… Read More

January 30, 2015

With many updates in 2014 (thirteen to be exact), and the ever-changing and ambiguous world of organic search, we can finally say that 2014 is behind us and it’s time to focus on 2015. This blog represents some of my personal opinion for 2015 SEO. Additionally, I’ll be focusing on what you can expect to happen during… Read More

January 15, 2015

Pay-per-click advertising is a rapidly evolving field, and PPC specialists must constantly be on the lookout for new features in platforms like AdWords and Bing. Google AdWords contains a multitude of targeting options for advertisers hoping to pinpoint a specific audience. Here’s a quick look at some of the demographic targeting options available via AdWords, including… Read More

January 5, 2015

We all know that SEO is an ever-changing, ambiguous industry. 2014 SEO has been no different, so I’ve put together a list of the major algorithm changes, search share changes, and explained what happened to guest blogging. Let us know in the comments below which one of these affected you the most! Googles Algorithm Updates… Read More

December 31, 2014