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By Nick Rennard | Video | April 19, 2017

The Best Communication Tool Ever

Hello Fellow Advertisers! Today I will be discussing my favorite communication tool ever, a program called ShareX. It’s a screen capture program that’s highly customizable, and I use it to communicate internally with my techs, with clients, and even at home with my friends/family. There are a lot of other screenshot programs out there, but from my experience, all the others I’ve used have been very clunky. The program I’ll be showing you today is extremely easy-to-use, and I hope you try it out and find it useful. Enjoy!

Hello everybody, welcome to another episode of my video blog series. I am your host Nick Reynard. I am the head of SEM, here, at Digital Reach Agency. Today, I’m going to be talking about a communication tool that I use very frequently with my … I use it with my clients. I use it with my co-workers. I use it for pretty much everything. It’s a website called Push. It’s through a program called Share X and I want to give you guys a little example of how it works exactly.

It’s a screenshot program. I know that there’s a lot of screenshot programs out there. I’ve tested a few of them and I’ve asked some of my technicians and friends, and co-workers, and whatnot, what they used. The one I’m going to show you today is hands-down the best one I’ve ever used. The problem with some of the other screenshot programs is that it converts the image into weird file types and then it’s not compatible with certain things, or sometimes maybe it changes it into a JPEG and then you need to upload that into … It’s just there’s usually more steps involved. Once you take the screenshot, then you need to go and find it and upload it, or you need to convert the file. There’s always something else involved.

Whereas the program I’m going to show you today, it’s just you take the screenshot and it’s done. It’s there. You can send it to people through a hyperlink. You can upload it as an image if you want to. You can really customize this program however you want. Just for the customization purposes, I think, this is definitely the best that you could use. What I have up here for you now is just a picture of a typical AdWords screen that we would use when I communicate with clients and co-workers. A lot of times we’ll be talking about the spend over the past month, like if we want to see how did quarter one do, we can set our date range. The cool thing about this program is that it can screenshot any spot on your screen.

Here we have January 1st to March 31st. There’s no data on this right now, but let’s say I wanted to show them this stuff in the middle, here. Rather than printing screen and cutting this out in Paint and uploading it as an image and then sending that in an email as an attachment, this program, Push, what it allows me to do is I hit whatever hotkey I assign, which in my case is Ctrl + Shift + 4. You can see this little thing pops up that allows me to sort of drag whatever area I want.

Again, there’s some settings up here that you can kind of customize this however you want. I just do boxes. It’s actually pretty smart about whether … You see if I hover over the top, here, it’s just going to take that whole window and I can just click that. Or if I want to cut off the URL, I can hover down here and it recognizes that. Or, if I want a specific region within here, you can always just click and drag, like this. I could take just, let’s say, like that there. You’ll watch what happens when I do this. Once I drag and drop that, it uploads this immediately into, rather than it being a file on your computer, it uploads it unto a URL.

What I can do is I can highlight … Or, I can copy and paste this URL, here, and when I’m writing out an email and I’m like, “Hi, Client. Here is a screenshot of Q1 performance.” Obviously, you can write whatever else you want, but what we can do is we can copy and paste this URL and easily hyperlink this into emails, into Word docs, into PowerPoint presentations. That way when you’re communicating with a client or a co-worker, it’s very easy. Rather than me uploading this into the email and having a bunch of attachments that people have to scroll through, they can just be reading and easily … You can see, if I were the person actually reading this email, I could just click this and it would open up the screenshot that they were talking about. Very quick. Very easy.

You can take screenshots of, again, you can take it of the whole window. If I just click it like that, it will give me the whole window here. I can take sections, like we just did there. This, I absolutely love this program. I even use it for home. If I’m like, “Hey, look at how cute this dog is right here.” I’ll take a picture of it and I can just send this link to my mom or whoever. This program is great.

I’m going to show you where to download this. There’s a website called Push.Me here. It’s kind of a janky website, actually, but it … You choose if you’re downloading it for Windows or Mac, or I’ve never used it on a mobile app, so I can’t attest to the quality of that. But it will download a program called Share X. Once you download that, it will open up a window that looks like this. These are all my past screenshots that I’ve uploaded. There are a couple of things, again, there’s a lot of things that you can customize.

If you just kind of scroll through here, it’s actually pretty easy to figure it out, if you’re not sure whether it can or can’t do something. I’m going to show you how I get it so that every single time I screenshot something that it just auto turns it into a URL like this. It just immediately pops up. It even copies it to my clipboard. I can just Ctrl + Paste it into whatever I’m working with.

The first thing that we need to do is we need to check under Work Flow’s Capture Region. That’s the little drag thing that I did to take this picture of the dog here. That’s this little region thing. That’s the Capture Region thing that it’s talking about. You’ll want to check under Work Flow as what your hotkey is for that currently, which for me is Ctrl + Shift + 4. I believe the default is something else when you first start with the program.

When a lot of people download this program, I think, they use Ctrl + Print Screen or something, which is a different hotkey for some people. Some people have an issue with this program when they first start with it. Go to your hotkey settings and I highly recommend you change this Capture Region to something else besides what it defaulted to, because people have had problems using the default one. Ctrl + Shift + 4 works great for me. You can set it to whatever you want.

Once you do that, after Capture Tasks, you’ll want to make sure that you select the following ones here: Copy Image to Clipboard. Again, that will make it so that it’s just already copied. Save Image to File: That will make it so there’s a Cloud of your images that it keeps everything for you. It just saves the image for you. You’ll also want to select upload image to host. Again, that’s the Cloud that I’m talking about. It will upload it to your Push account.  If you ever want to access your images, I actually never do, I just do this stuff on the fly.

Select those three and then the other one here is after Upload Tasks, these two are very important. Copy URL to Clipboard, and Open URL. That’s going to make it so like if I’m taking … Again, see how smart that was, again, how it just figures out the boxes. I don’t know if you can see that on my screen. I’m guessing you can. But if I just click a screenshot of that, it just auto-opens it in the URL for me. One thing to note, sometimes there is a bit of a lag time on this. Their servers aren’t huge. The people who make this program, the servers aren’t very massive, so sometimes you’ll get … If it’s really busy during the day, sometimes a 20-30 second delay before it uploads. Sometimes you have to re-screenshot it, but it’s really not a big deal. You can see this screenshot just auto-uploads into this URL; auto-opens very simple, very straight forward. You can send this URL to anyone.

Anyways, that’s pretty much it. I think that this is … Once I started using this tool, my communication with everybody got way better. I highly, highly, recommend you try this out. Set the settings that I go through in this video. But anyway, thanks for watching. If you guys have any questions or comments, feel free to post them below. Otherwise, I hope you’ll join me on my next video blog.

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