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By Arin Adamson | Web Dev | April 13, 2016

What is the Best Live Website Chat Software?

Keeping your website user’s engaged is an important challenge of any website. It can typically be done through beautiful design, user-friendly navigation and informative, easy-to-read content, but achieving this is often unique to the type of website. For eCommerce websites and websites for companies offering a service, new users often want to know if they can trust you and probably have unique questions that may not be addressed directly on the website. You obviously want to answer this user’s question as fast and as easily as possible, because the longer that question rests in their head, the less chance they have of converting. There is one web tool that comes in handy in this situation: live website chat.

Live website chat allows you to interact with your customer while they are on your website. This can be a huge advantage when trying to improve conversion rates. When a user has a question that is not answered by the information on your site, or the user simply can’t find the answer to their question, you have given them an alternate medium to ask.

Now that you understand the benefits of having a live website chat tool, what are some of the best service providers? We’ll go over some of the most popular services and outline their pricing and 



LiveChat’s most basic plan starts out at $16/agent billed annually and then goes up to $50/agent for their most inclusive enterprise plan. They also have an enterprise plus plan, which is priced based on your specific needs. As with any other service as the price goes up, more features are included.


Excluding the enterprise and enterprise plus plan, the features of their plans include:

  • chat logs
  • canned responses
  • file sharing
  • automatic greetings
  • chat and branding customization
  • ticketing system
  • security
  • Indepth Analytics Data
  • agent and department management
  • SalesForce Integration
  • and much more

Going beyond their most popular plan to the enterprise plan would present additional team management tools, software engineering support, security assistance and some other customization features. However, the majority of website owners would be well suited with the features included in the lower to mid-tier range. LiveChat may be slightly more expensive than their competitors, but its total collection of features make it the most comprehensive live chat tool available. As a web developer, knowing what user-friendliness and great functionality looks like, I recommend LiveChat to our clients when they ask me for a good live website chat tool provider.



LiveAgent has plans with a live chat feature that start at $29/month and go up to $39/month for their all-inclusive plan. 3 agent seats are included in each plan, but beyond that there will be an additional charge per agent seat ($14 extra per month per agent for the base plan with live chat and $19 extra per month per agent for the all inclusive plan). The price is on the higher end of spectrum in relation to other live chat tools out there, but with LiveAgent you do get a few more included features than most other services.


  • Ticketing System
  • Contact Forms
  • Mobile App
  • Indepth Analytical Data
  • Chat Initiation
  • Feedback Management
  • Gamification
  • Offline Customer Support Portal

The more extensive features included with LiveAgent may justify the extra cost for your company. It’s an extensive online customer service tool, and it will take some time on your end to flesh out. You could choose to not use a lot of the additional features that LiveAgent provides, but then you’d be paying the extra cost for no reason. If you need more than just an online chat tool, than LiveAgent should be your choice.

Pure Chat


Pure Chat is the most cost effective, full featured live website chat tool available. They even have a free plan to test out the live tool, but the free plan only allows up to 15 chats per month. Going beyond their free plan though, they base their pricing mostly on the number of agents included and how many websites you can integrate the live chat tool into. Their $15 per month plan includes 3 agents, their $45 per month plan includes 6 agents and their $99 per month plan includes 15 agents. Need more agents? You can also add additional agents for an additional $10 per month.


  • Chat Branding and Customization
  • Chat Triggers
  • Chat Logs
  • Agent & Department Management
  • Canned Responses
  • Multi-Chat Management
  • Real Time Analytical Data

While Pure Chat does not include the vast quantity of features that their competitors offer, it is a great cost effective solution when you need to slap something up on your website ASAP. It’s easy to use, cost effective and for many smaller to growing businesses it’s the perfect live chat solution.

As with any online service, make sure you match the services, features, and price to your business needs. Any of these options could be a great solution for you. If you have any questions about which to choose, just contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

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