Nick Rennard
By Nick Rennard | SEM, SEO | June 16, 2015

Bids in the New AdWords Editor

Hello Fellow Advertisers!

There’s a new AdWords Editor in town.


The beta has actually been around for a little while now, but Google recently made an announcement that they will be doing a full transition from the old AdWords Editor to the new AdWords Editor starting on June 1st. You can read up more on the features of the new AdWords Editor here. Today I am going to review how to make bid changes with the new user interface.

Log into your AdWords Editor. You will have to add your account the first time you log in by selecting Add from the Accounts drop-down box. You can also hotkey this with ctrl+n. The new AdWords Editor has a lot of hotkeys associated with it. I’ll go over them when they come up, and you’ll start to get used to them over time to speed up the changes you make.


Overall, most of the AdWords Editor looks pretty much the same. You will still select the campaign you are interested in the top left-hand corner. Click on the search campaign you would like to make bid changes for click Keywords and targeting → click Keywords.


In the old AdWords Editor you would select the keywords tab at the top, but now you will navigate through everything in the bottom left-hand portion of the user interface. Note: Generally speaking, most bid changes are made on a keyword level. However, some people like to make changes on an ad group level. If this is the case, then select Ad Groups instead of keywords, and you can follow the same steps in this guide.

Your keywords for the campaign you’ve selected will now show up. Highlight the keywords you are interested in making bid changes for right-click and select Change Bids (you can also hotkey this with ctrl+b). This will pop-up an advanced changes window where you will be able to increase/decrease the bids on these keywords by an appropriate percentage. Select either increase or decrease from the dropdown box type in the percentage that you would like to change the bids by click Change bids.


The keywords you have made changes to will not be highlighted in a different color and bolded. They will also be labeled with a triangle to signify that changes have been made to these keywords.


Don’t forget to post your changes by clicking Post at the top of the AdWords Editor


There’s a myriad of reasons to make bid changes within a campaign. It’s healthy to make changes at least once a week in your account. The two most common reasons we (at Digital Reach Agency) make bid changes within an AdWords campaign is based on conversion data and impression share. Here’s a few more links to some resources about setting up and analyzing conversion data: part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4.

Happy Advertising!

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