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By MacAdam Lea | SEM | June 6, 2016

Bing Ads Editor Version 11.0

If you’ve ever run ads on Google AdWords you may have encountered the Google AdWords Editor. It’s a free desktop program that makes AdWords account management significantly quicker and easier than trying to make all of your edits in-browser. Bing Ads has a similar program called the Bing Ads Editor that was updated to version 11.0 earlier this month. In this blog we’ll be covering all of the changes to the Bing Ads Editor, as well as reviewing a few of the main reasons to use the Bing Ads Editor instead of making all of your changes online.

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Reasons to use the Bing Ads Editor:

Its Free – The Bing Ads Editor doesn’t cost a dime, and can be downloaded here.

Make Changes Offline – Any change you make within the Bing Ads browser are immediately posted live, which is oftentimes not ideal if you’re creating new campaigns or doing a big wave of changes all at once. Using the editor allows you to make all of the changes you want offline and then post your work once you’re sure everything is in order.

Copy/Paste – The editor allows you to copy and paste pretty much whatever you want. Keywords, campaigns, adgroups, even the entire account. This can save huge amounts of time if you’re looking to test out new campaigns that are similar to pre-existing campaigns. Instead of starting from scratch you can just copy a current campaign and tweak it to suit your needs.

Easily Upload Multiple Image Ads – Both Bing and Google accept a number of different image sizes for their Display Networks, so if you want to cover all of your bases you’ll want to make around 10 sizes of the same ad for each promotion. It gets very tedious trying to upload image ads one at a time in-browser, but thankfully the Bing Ads Editor allows you to upload all of your image ads at once.

Bing Ads Editor 11.0 Improvements:

Support for Managing Multiple Accounts – This update is great news for Search Engine Management agencies like Digital Reach Agency. In the previous version you could only download one account at a time and the editor wouldn’t let you do anything else until the download completed. With Bing Ads Editor 11.0 you can now make all the bulk edits you want while other accounts are downloading.

Copy Paste Across Accounts – There is also now an option now for Copy/Pasting keywords and campaigns across accounts. This can save a lot of time if you’re managing multiple accounts for the same company. Settings like location targeting and negative keywords generally don’t change from campaign to campaign, so you can copy/paste a lot of that information over when you’re testing out new campaigns.

Visual Redesign – With the new update the Bing Ads Editor looks and feels a lot more like the Google AdWords Editor, which is not a bad thing. The Bing Ads Editor has always been much more difficult to navigate than its Google counterpart, but with the 11.0 update everything is much cleaner. You can now navigate by “Type List” (keyword, negative keyword, adgroup, etc.) and they cleaned up the “Advanced Search” window to make it more intuitive to use. The visual redesign is pretty significant and far-reaching, so I highly recommend downloading the 11.0 update and spending some time clicking around the new interface.

Hopefully this blog was informative, and if you’re struggling with transferring your campaigns from AdWords over to Bing take a look at my Importing Campaigns: Google AdWords to Bing Ads blog. If you need a more detailed run-down of how to get started in AdWords or Bing contact us and we’ll help get your account up and running.

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