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Our Team’s Top 20 Tips for Working from Home

by Natalie Hanes

Right now, countless people across the globe are facing a unique challenge together: working from home. As companies transition from an office environment to remote offices due to unexpected circumstances, millions of employees are finding…

mobile conversion rate

Mobile vs Desktop: B2B Conversion Rate Optimization

by Kris Borja

For B2B companies, providing prospects with an excellent mobile experience is more important than ever. A recent survey of executives by Forbes revealed that 70% had used mobile devices to research products and services when…

what is attribution

Show Me the Money: Attribution and Funnel Management in the Digital Age

by Andrew Seidman

Marketing leaders increasingly use data to drive campaign strategies and tactics. Metrics like website bounce rate, email opens, ad click-throughs, and conversions are readily available, but assembling them into a useful format that shows what…

Behavior Flow: Analyze Price Comparison Shoppers

by Digital Reach

Hello again advertisers! Today we’re going to examine the repercussions of “price shoppers” and other sponsored search behaviors that account for a “click-bounce-return” pattern – and what the advertiser can do about it. If you’re…

Conversion Tracking

by Nick Rennard

Hello fellow advertisers! Today I will be giving an in-depth overview of conversion tracking for both Google AdWords and Google Analytics. I’ll be giving you my recommendations on certain settings that we recommend, tips/tricks on…

Analyzing AB Split Tests

by Nick Rennard

Hello Fellow Advertisers! I’ve done blogs in the past about AB split tests, but this one takes it to a more granular level. We’ll be reviewing a very complicated test between 4 different ads, and…

Analyzing Assisted Conversions

by Nick Rennard

Hello Fellow Advertisers!   Today I’ll be discussing the differences between last-click and first-click attribution models within Google AdWords and Google Analytics. I’ll show you some tips and tricks on how to analyze your current…

Analytics Tracking vs. AdWords Tracking

by MacAdam Lea

If you’re looking to run advertisements on Google AdWords, the first thing you’ll want to do is set up accurate conversion tracking. A conversion is what happens when someone clicks on your ad and then…

Google Analytics: Last Click and Assisted Conversions

by MacAdam Lea

If you’re going to spend money advertising online, the most important thing to know is how much ROI you’re getting out of that spend. One of the best ways to keep track of ROI is…


The New Google Analytics 360 Suite

by MacAdam Lea

For a long time Google has offered two different programs on Google Analytics: Google Analytics Standard and Google Analytics Premium. The Premium package included a number of features that are absent in the free Standard…

Smart Goals in Google Analytics

by Nick Rennard

Hello Fellow Advertisers! Welcome to another one of my vlogs. Today I will be teaching you the pros & cons of a relatively new feature in Google Analytics called Smart Goals. I’ll also be guiding…

How to Test Goals & Conversions in Google Analytics

by Nick Rennard

Hello Fellow Advertisers! Welcome to another episode of my video blog series. Today I will be showing you how to test goals and conversions in Google Analytics. Enjoy! Full Transcript: Hello, everybody and welcome to another…

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