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Creating CTAs That Click with Your Audience

by Michelle Loughry

What is a CTA exactly? A CTA, or call to action, is the call to your audience to complete a step you want them to. Something as simple as “Learn More” or “Download Now” are…

5 SEO & Paid Media Strategies To Learn From Your Competitors

by Keith Newsham

Additional Contributors for this piece: Kim Brown, DRA Paid Media Strategist Looking for new sources of organic traffic? Of course you are! How about more insights to optimize your paid traffic? Even in the strongest…

Brand Consistency: The Secret Ingredient to Successful Paid Search

by Natalie Hanes

Branding is one of those nebulous, mystical terms. With its unintuitive metrics and nontactical strategies, branding is an integral thing that often gets overlooked. For some, even bringing up the word in conversation is enough…

5 PPC Landing Page Strategies to Multiply Your ROI

by Angela Asca

Are you running a paid media campaign? (if you’re a B2B company looking for more leads the answer is more than likely: YES) Now, are any of those campaigns driving traffic to a page on…

Our Team’s Top 20 Tips for Working from Home

by Natalie Hanes

Right now, countless people across the globe are facing a unique challenge together: working from home. As companies transition from an office environment to remote offices due to unexpected circumstances, millions of employees are finding…

How Direct Traffic Reflects SEO & PPC Influence

by Keith Newsham

Why Direct Traffic Should Be Measured In Relation to All Other Marketing Channels No one wakes up in the morning and magically knows about a new business with a perfect solution to their problem. Customers…

The Benefits of Page Speed Optimization

by Vanessa Clay

What is Page Speed Optimization? Businesses often put page speed optimizations on the back burner, assuming that their site speed represents their entire website performance. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case. There is a crucial difference between…

10 Reasons Your Ads Don't Show Up

by Julian Solonoski

This is a subject that has come up a few times recently with my clients. You may have also landed on this page wondering the same thing: “Why don’t my ads show up?”. After excitedly…

Why You Shouldn't Search For Your Own Ad

by Julian Solonoski

After launching an AdWords campaign, the reaction most new advertisers will have is to immediately search their own ad. However, that is the last thing they should be doing. What they don’t realize is that…

Analytics Attribution Model

Attribution Model Guide For Google Analytics

by Julian Solonoski

Google Analytics is a powerful tool that every paid search manager should be using to measure the impact of their campaigns. Lately, I’ve been asked about the various attribution models in Google Analytics. In this…

Increase AdWords QS

How To Increase Quality Score

by Julian Solonoski

It’s no secret that obtaining a high-quality score can have several benefits. Most notability, advertisers will see lower CPCs and better ad position. This helps drive more traffic to your site at a lower cost.…

Google AdWords Optimization: Ad Scheduling

by MacAdam Lea

When building a new AdWords campaign, it’s important to keep ad scheduling in mind. Ask yourself this simple question: When should I be running my ads? Most companies can’t afford to buy one-hundred percent of…

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