Category: SEO

The Benefits of Page Speed Optimization

by Vanessa Clay

What is Page Speed Optimization? Businesses often put page speed optimizations on the back burner, assuming that their site speed represents their entire website performance. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case. There is a crucial difference between…

CTA Placement: A Big Piece of the Puzzle

by Vanessa Clay

In the process of designing the perfect website we often get distracted by aesthetic elements. We forget the technical aspects of a successful page. Because of this selective forgetfulness, your SEO and marketing can get…

Broken Link Reclamations: The Simple Solution to Regain Link Equity

by Vanessa Clay

With constant algorithm changes, it can be hard to know what’s most important to Google. These days, they are even more tight-lipped, barring us SEO junkies from their precious hoard of secrets. Except, Google has…

TLS encryption

Why HTTPS (TLS, SSL) Installation is Critical for SEO in 2018

by Sean Payne

Back in August of 2014, Google began giving a rankings boost to secure websites. What does Google consider to be secure? Well, it all starts with having a TLS (Transport Layer Security) certificate installed. By…

SEO Audience: The Human Factor

by Vanessa Clay

When you think about SEO, you may not typically think of how human factors play a role; you likely think of the results. And rightly so; one of the most important ways to successfully increase…

2017 SEO Blogging Tips

7 SEO Blogging Tips to Boost Your Results in 2017

by Sean Payne

From Clicks to Conversions: A Meta-Post So, you’re wondering how to optimize your website, and you’ve stumbled across this post looking for SEO blogging tips. You might be wondering how valuable a blog post can…

Is AMP Becoming Obsolete?

by Vanessa Clay

Here in the SEO world, we all heard about Accelerated Mobile Pages (or AMP) when it launched in early 2016, with quite a bit of fanfare. Introduced by Google, its aim was to improve mobile web performance using a…

Analyzing Assisted Conversions

by Nick Rennard

Hello Fellow Advertisers!   Today I’ll be discussing the differences between last-click and first-click attribution models within Google AdWords and Google Analytics. I’ll show you some tips and tricks on how to analyze your current…

404 errors

How Do 404 Errors Affect SEO?

by Angela Asca

When we do SEO management for clients, one of the many things we look to do is to resolve any 404 errors. For those not in the know, 404 errors occur when you arrive at a webpage that no…

seo business reviews

Rules for Adding Schema Markup to Your Business Reviews

by Angela Asca

Since some of our clients provide tourism-related services, it’s important that they know when they can add business reviews to their site. Recently, Google updated their local business reviews guidelines for when Schema markup can be…

Online Advertising Campaigns Are Built, Not Bought

by Nick Rennard

Online Advertising Campaigns Are Built, Not Bought Hello fellow advertisers! Today I will be discussing the three foundations of successful online advertising campaigns: search engine marketing (SEM), search engine optimization (SEO), and landing page optimization…

improve SEO

How to Improve SEO Using Images

by Angela Asca

One of the many things we do with our SEO services is improve SEO using images on the site – there are a surprising amount of non-optimized images that we update to make sure that…

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