Category: Web Design

Our Brand’s Journey: From Logo to Identity

by Natalie Hanes

The History of Our Logo When referencing our humble beginnings, we often use the term “ragtag.” Digital Reach came to life when our founder plugged in a MagicJack, turned his dresser into a stand-up desk,…

Brand Consistency: The Secret Ingredient to Successful Paid Search

by Natalie Hanes

Branding is one of those nebulous, mystical terms. With its unintuitive metrics and nontactical strategies, branding is an integral thing that often gets overlooked. For some, even bringing up the word in conversation is enough…

5 PPC Landing Page Strategies to Multiply Your ROI

by Angela Asca

Are you running a paid media campaign? (if you’re a B2B company looking for more leads the answer is more than likely: YES) Now, are any of those campaigns driving traffic to a page on…

Using Design to Maximize Campaign Value

by Angela Asca

Overview When most people think of “design”, they think of the visual aspect of the process, but design thinking and strategy play an important part in boosting campaign interaction and metrics. Our design process always…

Our Team’s Top 20 Tips for Working from Home

by Natalie Hanes

Right now, countless people across the globe are facing a unique challenge together: working from home. As companies transition from an office environment to remote offices due to unexpected circumstances, millions of employees are finding…

How to Build a Website Architecture That Naturally Helps Your SEO

by Keith Newsham

Why Good Website Architecture Is Critical For SEO Over the past 3 decades, search engines like Google and Bing have steadily improved at indexing a website’s architecture and understanding how pages relate to each other.…

Why You Need Content Before Design

by Angela Asca

So, you’ve decided your current site (or a portion of it) is in dire need of a facelift. You’ve built your case internally, gotten buy-in from relevant decision-makers and allocated budget. You’re about to send…

Animation Technologies

by Kathryn Crawford

Any developer you talk to has something they are passionate about. Some front end developers are into design, or UX. Some (crazy) backend developers get all jazzed up about databases and Javascript ES6 promises. One…

Content First Web Design

by Kathryn Crawford

I play a lot of video games. I’ve always loved them and been enamored with their production. I’ve read so many books and articles about how games are made and how they affect our minds.…

Why Website Accessibility Is Important

by Kathryn Crawford

What Exactly Is Website Accessibility? Accessibility is a familiar word to most people. We know a lot about accessibility in the physical space, whether it’s elevators, ramps, or handicapped parking spots, but what about accessibility…

HTTPS and why it matters

by Shawn McKenzie

For the last 18 years HTTP, also known as hypertext transfer protocol, has been the fundamental building block for all communication over the world wide web.  Its not hard to imagine that the security concerns…

meeting constructive critique

The Value of Constructive Critique in Website Projects

by Angela Asca

In a web design project, there isn’t just one step to be completed and then a website magically appears. Here at Digital Reach, we make custom-built quality websites and try to organize our projects with plenty…

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