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By Digital Reach | SEM | July 26, 2016

Choosing The Right Remarketing Image

A picture is worth a thousand words” is an idiom that, when choosing your remarketing image, you should keep in mind. Not only do you want to convey to the public what you’re offering, but they need to connect with it almost immediately.

Before we jump into what makes a good image, let’s talk about what contributes to making a remarketing  ad successful.

Target the right audience

Google offers a “Similar To” audience. This is basically anyone in the world. Sure, it can make your  remarketing audience list large, but it’ll be filled with people that are not interested in your product or service. You want to be marketing to people that are going to engage with you!

Choose the right image/banner

An eye-catching picture that is related to what you are offering is paramount to gaining the right audience. A truly powerful image speaks to us on a symbolic level, feeding us information by intuition and association.

Humans are associative creatures. We naturally derive deep, multifaceted meanings from visual cues, an idea brought into prominence by both Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung

“Many philosophers, anthropologists, sociologists, and psychologists have pointed out that humans are uniquely symbolic creatures. “
– Clay Routledge Ph.D., The Power of SymbolismPsychology Today 

The Making Of A Good Remarketing Image

So what makes a good remarketing image? From the information above, it needs to touch your audience on a personal level.

This image isn’t just personal, it’s intimate.  Could this be a metaphor for reaching out through the noise of the Internet to make a personal connection? To get someone to fall in love (with your brand) even?

As you’re looking through images for consideration, keep a few things in mind:

What types of images and experiences will connect with your target audience’s wants and dreams? What image comes to mind when they’re looking for what you’re selling? Not only will you be looking at demographic information, but also the driving force behind what makes them act on desires or needs.

It’s an experience, not just a product

 The most effective online ads invites the viewer to experience their desired outcome. How do they do this? 

Rather than just a product you might be selling, set the stage to already create in their mind the comfort and relaxation that would come with being in this hammock.

Don’t forget your Call To Action

People need direction whether they know it or not. Showing them the image touches them in their mind, but they need to know what to do next. “Book Now” “Call Now” “Register Today” “Buy Now” are all popular CTAs.  This ad on Facebook sets the stage for a great vacation, telling you a little about how much you’ll save with a prominent button of how to make that happen.

Don’t clutter your images

While it’s tempting to squeeze everything you can into your image, sometimes less is more. This electrical parts image packs so much into the image, you can’t see anything that they have. If they didn’t state they were electrical parts, you might not even know what they sell.

On the other hand, this image clearly tells you what they are marketing:

Keep your images clean, directly on your audience and make it personal. You will see increases in your conversions if you keep it clean and simple.

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