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By Ralf Schulz | Content Writing, SEO | January 30, 2015

Common Content Marketing Strategy Mistakes


For most people, content marketing is still a fairly new concept. Let’s start with the concept: you create relevant, valuable content to draw attention and establish a relationship with your clients or readers. Although the concept is easy to understand, as with most things, there is a learning curve.

I’ve put together a list of common mistakes made by small business owners and marketers alike.

Not Tracking Your Results

Currently 49% of B2B business owners are still having issues collecting useful data to understand how effective their content is. It’s great that business owners are posting content, but without the understanding of effectiveness, what is it really worth? Many are investing more time, money, and effort, yet still don’t really have an idea of what (if any) content is working.

With today’s tools and Google Analytics, tracking the effectiveness of your content campaigns is surprisingly easy. But, determining the goals that you’d like to reach could potentially be much more difficult. Effective goals could be brand awareness, lead generation, or a multitude of other things. Depending on what you’re trying to achieve, your goals can be as simple as tracking how long stays on site or as complex as following a funnel to see what percentage of blog readers convert and purchase. Keep in mind when you’re creating goals to have a purpose and make sure the goals have usable value to you.

Does Your Content Match Your Audience?

Generally speaking, I’ve noticed that the general quality of content is similar across the board. However, one of the most common mistakes is providing well-written content that doesn’t match the given audience. There are many ways that content marketers can stray from their audience:

  • Content that doesn’t listen to or relate to a user’s needs or interests. An example of this could be writing about products outside of your target audience’s budget. If your target audience is expecting to spend $100 on a product and you’re talking about a $1000 product, will they really be interested?
  • Creating content that doesn’t match your user’s reading level. Is your content difficult to understand? Or potentially written a little too dumbed-down?
  • Failing to hold a consistent format throughout your blog. Design is always important.

Testing your audience is a good way to understand what their needs are and how you can meet them throughout your content campaign.

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Content Distribution

Once you’ve created your content the next step is distribution. It’s relatively common for content marketers to fall short on this final step. It would be the equivalent of paying for a concert and not using your ticket.

A few things to consider for content distribution. What channels are available to you and how can you use them to promote your content? Determine which ones best suite individual pieces of content and use each distribution option to the best of its ability. Below I’ve listing possible distribution options:

  • Email List
  • Social Media (Facebook, G+, Twitter, ect.)
  • Guest Blogging (Only on other respected or well ranked sites)
  • PR
  • Paid Media
  • Organic Search Results
  • Finding and building relationships with other influencers in your market

As usual, thanks for reading and if you have any questions on today’s topic please leave a comment below.

Thanks again and happy optimizing!

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