Content Marketing and Organic Traffic

Content return on investment (ROI) is one of the biggest challenges for most marketers – content without any business goals in mind is likely to fall flat. Companies spend a combined total of about $135 million each year on content marketing. Demonstrating a positive ROI is an important consideration! Content marketers face many challenges:

  • Creating content that is engaging
  • Measuring the effectiveness of content
  • Consistently creating content
  • Tracking the ROI of a content marketing program
  • Small budgets
  • Creating a variety of content
  • Lack of knowledge within internal teams
  • Understanding and using the right technology
  • Not supported from upper management

.Overcoming these challenges is not easy but the creation of content must go on.  

Measuring Success

Understanding a business’s goals is an important part of developing content that provides value. Measuring the success of content requires evaluating several metrics. At the top of the list is Organic traffic. Here is a more complete list of useful metrics:

  1. Organic traffic (sessions) – Increases in organic traffic indicates that content is relevant to the search queries used by visitors.
  2. Leads – An increase in leads indicates that your content has inspired a visitor to get more information.
  3. Social Engagement – Sharing content on social media happens when your content is good.
  4. All traffic – Overall traffic increases are an indicator that your content is desirable and sought after.
  5. Time on site – Visitors that stay on your site for extended periods are engaged with your content.
  6. Revenue – This is the money shot – if your content is what the viewer is looking for then they will become a paying customer.
  7. Transactions – If visitors are completing desirable actions such as signing up for a newsletter or asking for an estimate than the content is working as expected.

Meeting ROI Goals

Effectively creating content that yields the desired ROI requires content creators to work more closely with their SEO people. This will allow content marketing to focus on achieving the business goals and improving the ROI. When SEO specialists work together with the content creators to apply SEO strategies the content will be more visible to search engines. If a search engine can find your content then your target audience can too. This is an effective strategy to create content that your viewers want and make it discoverable. So don’t forget to consult with your SEO specialist.

Collaboration for Success

I may seem obvious but sometimes the simplest things are overlooked. Collaboration between departments is necessary to  overcome obstacles. When everyone strives for the same goal it becomes more obtainable. 

Content is created to engage visitors and increase the company’s bottom line. Content that addresses business goals can be more easily produced when everyone concerned has input. In addition to lining up content with the company’s goals it must also be SEO friendly. SEO strategies will help make your new content discoverable by search engines and increase your organic traffic.


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