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By Digital Reach | SEM | June 2, 2016

The Correct Geo-Targeting

Geo Targeting

Finding the volume you need when limiting locations can be challenging in the PPC world. Not every client wants to advertise all over the country, or all over the world for that matter. It’s good to know that you can improve your ROI by being more creative in your targeting.

Selecting the advanced setting “People in, searching for, or viewing pages about my targeted location” will allow ads to be shown to people who used the name of the location in their searches, viewed content about a location, or selected the location in their search settings.

Key Ideas

Understanding how Geo-Targeting works and how your ads are shown when targeting specific customers will only increase your chances of conversions. There are a few different ideas you can and should consider when setting up Location Settings.

Where are searchers coming from?

It’s always a good idea to run long term reports, also known as dimensional report, to see where traffic is originating. The last thing you want to do is to spend money on wasted clicks  A customer selling tires locally in New York won’t have the same audience as someone selling ladies tops. You should see where the most traffic is coming from….as well as the least.

Exclude  or Adjust?

It’s okay to exclude states from your targeting so your ads won’t be seen. If you sell bathing suits, you might have a much reduced audience in Alaska then you would in Florida. If you have a limited budget, you might want to exclude Alaska entirely knowing that your sales there will be very limited.  Another option is to bid way down so that your ads are seen, but very limited. Thus, you won’t miss out on a possible sale.

Geo-Targeting With Mobile

One great way to get people on the move is to increase bidding on your mobile devices. You can set up campaigns that target a specific state or radius within a state and increase bidding to mobile. This is a great option when thinking of a different demographic, like moms looking for summer camp for their kids while on the way to the market.  Those busy people always on the move would definitely be your target audience.

What’s the weather like?

Using Google Scripts, we can now make bid adjustments depending on the weather with a simple spreadsheet.

Google gives an example of an amusement park that may want to increase their bids when the weather is nice. Businesses could use the bid by weather feature to increase bids for cold and rainy days for their indoor entertainment or theaters for new movie releases. Consider your unique audience and how the weather impacts their searching and purchase decisions.

Don’t Make Mistakes

It’s easy to make mistakes when geo-targeting if you don’t have enough information. You can read more about these pit-falls here where I talk about the wrong audience or too broad an audience. The great thing about targeting is that you can easily adjust it if you’re not seeing the results you want, or if you just want to test an area.

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In the time it takes to read this sentence, you could be on your way to a well-oiled demand generation machine. Ready for your blueprint?

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