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By Digital Reach | SEM | June 28, 2016

Creating Effective Ad Groups

Ad groups are an essential part of pay per click advertising. Creating effective ad groups will help drive more traffic and leads to the relevant sections of your website. This in turn will increase the number of conversions on your site.

What is an effective ad group?

Google tells us  “ad groups contain one or more ads which target a shared set of keywords.”

Ad Groups are designed to organize your campaigns around a common theme. Let’s consider, for example, someone who is looking for French Wine.  You wouldn’t want to show them ads for Italian Wine, as that’s not what they’re looking for.

By separating out the campaign (yellow box) into different ad groups (blue boxes) you can then write separate, specific, ads tailored to the product/service you’re promoting. An ad group is essentially where all of your similar keywords , ads and landing pages are stored.

How important are Ad Groups?

Now that you know how ad groups are structured, it’s time to understand why they are important.

Most search engines look to your Ad Group organization to determine:

  • Which keywords will trigger your ads.
  • What your ad will say when it runs.
  • Where the visitor will be taken when they click on your ad.

You’re deciding:

  1. Who to advertise to.
  2. What to say to get their attention.
  3. How you’ll make your final pitch

    Ad Groups + Keywords

    It’s important that all of your keywords are themed similar. Ideally, you’d want French wine to have it’s own ad rather than a more general ad like the one above.  By not organizing your keywords and having a relevant ad for it, the searcher is more likely to not go to your website at all. The more specific your keywords are related to the ad within the ad group, the more likely someone looking will say “That’s exactly what I was looking for.”  Once going to your website, it’s important that they land on the same, relevant, page as what they were looking for.

    So, in this example, I enter French Wine, see and ad saying “French Wine Sold Here” and when I go to their website, land on a page that is full of French wine for sale.  If I land on a page selling Greek wines, I may just go back to the search engine rather than look around on their website.

    For more information about Ad Groups, our very own Nick Rennard talks more about them in his vlog here.

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