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By Digital Reach | SEM | May 3, 2017

Dimension: Day of Week

If you don’t already have a Day of Week schedule in place, you could be spending money unnecessarily. If you’ve been running your AdWords account for a few months, then it’s time to take a look at a Dimension report and see what day of the week your traffic is coming in.

Day of Week?

Yes, Day of Week.  If your target audience is education, chances are the office is closed over the weekend, so advertising on the weekends would not be a priority to you, so why spend those hard-earned advertising dollars?

The Truth About Dimension Day of Week

By running a dimension report to see how your daily traffic is, you can save thousands!

Once you decide what it is you want to see, the changes you can make are at the campaign level. If you want to create the same day of week schedule you have two choices. You can select the campaign with the ad schedule you want and copy shell then paste it into the other campaign you want or; you will have to set up the ad schedule per campaign. Sadly, this information is not part of the shared library for you to copy paste.

Easy Steps to Setting up Ad Scheduling

Step 1

First, you’ll want to see traffic over a longer period of time. Viewing traffic for the past week or even past month won’t give you much insight into how the campaigns are performing based on traffic patterns. Most businesses have seasonality. Either holidays or seasons of the year that they perform better during. Certainly, consumer driven traffic will see increases in sales during Christmas whereas an outdoor activity businesses will focus on the season of the year. Camping supplies probably don’t sell near as well during winter as they do the rest of the year.

So, before you can create an ad schedule, you’ll want to set your date range for a longer period of time. Me personally, I like six months to a year of data. You’ll want to go to the campaign you’re interested in then the Dimensions tab so that you can focus the data you’ll be viewing here.

Step 2

Once in the Dimensions tab, you’ll use the drop down menu under View:Day to see all the options available to you. For our purposes, you’ll hover over Time which will open up the side bar menu to select Day of the Week.

Step 3

By analyzing what days are most profitable or performing best for your client, you can set up an ad schedule that won’t waste money on days where traffic is at a minimal.

Step 4

Now that you know what day of the week is doing well for them, you can make an informed decision about setting up the ad schedule which will allow you to increase or decrease bids by the day of week. For this you’ll need to go to the settings tab and find Ad Schedule.

Step 5

The next step it to press the big red “+ Ad Schedule” button. This will open the ad schedule for you to set hours/days that you want to include. Once this is set, you can then set bid adjustments for the each day of the week.

The trick with any dimension reporting is not to just set it and forget it, but check back on it periodically. This should be part of your regular maintenance as best business practices would suggest.

This is just one option that Pay-Per-click can offer you in the advanced world of Digital Marketing. For this and many more informative blogs, visit us here at Digital Reach Agency where our experts can help guide you through your options.

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