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By Digital Reach | SEM | October 13, 2015

Dimensional Reporting In The PPC World


Pay Per Click Advertising is about placing your ads when and where they’re best viewed. Any digital marketing agency can and should be working towards best practices for their clients. Dimensional Reporting is one of these ways to prove that to your client. All of this and more can be done with Dimension Reports in AdWords.

What Time Is It?

My favorite dimension to work with is time. Time is a huge factor when performing pay per click management tasks. Analyzing what days and times your ads are being clicked on leads us to make important decisions on behalf of our customers. Should you increase bidding in the early morning and late night hours? You might if your customer had a limo service catering to people flying on the red eye or a doughnut shop that worked all night right next to a postal distribution center.

I like to look at an account by Hour of Day and by Day of Week. This allows me to set up ad scheduling that will benefit my customers by being seen during peak business hours. When doing dimension reporting always remember the longer the better. Consider the hypothetical that you want to see how often someone clicks on your ads on Friday. One month sounds like it should be enough, correct? In reality it isn’t, because 3-4 days of data isn’t much at all. For an accurate idea of what’s happening you want to compile as much data as possible, this means looking at months or years of data if you want to have the best results in the future.

Where In The World?

What about geography? Where your customer is located is a very important factor when looking at the traffic that your customer is receiving. Typically you would want to promote them in an area where they are doing well. What if they were opening a new location somewhere they haven’t been doing so well, should you try to increase the bidding in that area to heighten awareness?  If you have an international client, perhaps you would like to view the Geographic dimension to see what countries they are generating the most activity from. Think of the possibilities of where you could take that search campaign if you utilized everything that Google has to offer. In the end, it can only make you a better PPC Technician and help to increase your customers ROI.

Dimension reporting is a tool that any PPC technician should try to take advantage of. Take it from me, someone who works for one of the top 10 PPC SEO Agencies in the US. Try to have fun with everything Google is offering, show your client all you can do for them and they’ll tell their friends and associates. The next thing you know, you have more business coming your way too – Now THAT’S advertising!

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