Ralf Schulz
By Ralf Schulz | SEM | March 30, 2015

Fancy New Options in AdWords Editor

For power users of AdWords, AdWords Editor is an invaluable resource. In most cases, AdWords Editor provides account managers a much more efficient and convenient way to make mass account changes, view in-depth account data alongside a palate of editing tools, and perform regular account maintenance tasks. For more information on the convenience of AdWords Editor, see here. Most AdWords marketers know to look out for new features in the AdWords interface itself. However, it is also important to keep an eye out for recent developments in the AdWords Editor. The recent AdWords 11 update brought with it some handy new tools. Here are a few of those: -New feature: downloading several accounts simultaneously. What was once a painstaking task for Editor users is now quite simple. New AdWords account no longer need to be individually downloaded into the Editor interface, one by one. Instead, users can simply highlight several AdWords accounts and download them en masse. For users at PPC management firms with dozens or even hundreds of accounts to keep tabs on, this Editor update is a major draw.  


In fact, you can even download an entire MCC (My Client Center) at once now! An MCC is the dashboard which AdWords management companies use to group together all of the external AdWords accounts they manage for other companies. Now the whole thing can be loaded into Editor in one go, another convenient update in AdWords Editor 11. -The show-stopper: you can now manage multiple accounts side-by-side! While this feature may seem extravagant to AdWords users who only manage a single AdWords account, it is a game-changer for those who manage a large quantity of clients in AdWords Editor. It is also helpful to single-account managers, though, as this multi-view feature applies to ad groups and campaigns as well as accounts.


You can now manage multiple accounts side-by-side in Editor

Here is how to enable this feature: simply select the tab of whichever format you want to enable multi-view for, ad groups, campaigns, or accounts. Then, click the pop-out arrow icon to enable this feature. Convenience awaits! -There are new options for Advanced Search in AdWords Editor now. You can now select multiple restrictions for searches–as many as you want, in fact. This makes it much easier to track down specific types of keywords, ads, and ad groups, and get a clear view of how they are performing. Of course, this also makes it quite easy to edit or pause them all at once. Filter options include “status of ad group”, by “text contained within a keyword” (or ad), and many more. –Type lists. AdWords Editor now allows you to access these handy lists in the sidebar under the tree view. Type lists allow you to simply select a type of information you wish to see–i.e., keywords, ad groups, campaigns, negative keywords, etc.–within a given account or campaign. By using this, you can quickly find the information you are seeking in Editor, rather than have to sift through a group of ad groups to find relevant items. *** Armed with this new knowledge of AdWords Editor 11 features, you are ready to become an unstoppable AdWords client manager. Godspeed!

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