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By MacAdam Lea | SEM | August 17, 2016

Google’s New Expanded Text Ads

Google’s New Expanded Text Ads Arrive

The beginning of August brought Google’s new Expanded Text Ads. In the past, text ads have been limited to 95 total characters, but with the Expanded Text Ads you’re able to use up to 145 characters. This 50% boost in ad length helps push competitors further down the page and allows for more call to actions or product highlights in the ad itself. In this blog we’ll be covering how exactly the Expanded Text Ads differ from the old “Standard Text Ads” and what you can do to take advantage of this advertising upgrade.

Expanded Ads vs Standard Ads

The main advantage of this update is that we’re now able to go into 50% more detail when writing text ads. If you take a look at the image above, you’ll see examples of the new Expanded Text Ads compared to the Standard Text Ads.

Some of the key differences:

  • Expanded Text Ads have two Headline Fields – In the past you were limited to 25 characters for a text ad headline, but with the Expanded Text Ads you now have two separate headline fields allowing for up to 60 total characters. Notice how the two headline fields are automatically separated by a hyphen (-), so keep that in mind when writing your ads.
  • The Description Lines have been merged – Expanded Text Ads have one long 80-character description line rather than the two separate 35 character lines used in the Standard Text Ads. It’s an increase of 10 characters for the Expanded Text Ads, and it makes it a bit easier to fit a selling point and a call to action into one line.
  • Display URL is now pulled from your Final URL – In the old Standard Text Ads you could pretty much put whatever you wanted for your Display URL, but now the URL itself is pulled from whatever your Final URL is. You can still add more detail to your Display URL in the new “Path Fields”, which you can see in the Expanded Text Ad image above (

Here is another look at the difference between Standard Text Ads and Expanded Text Ads in an example google search:


Not sure how to begin?

If you’re not sure where to start when upgrading your Standard Text Ads to Expanded Text Ads, then I recommend that you start with whatever ad copy has worked well for you in the past. Google doesn’t currently have an option to directly transition Standard Text Ads into Expanded Text Ads, but you can still copy over your old ad text and expand on it from there. Remember that more isn’t always better, so don’t feel forced to utilize every single character and take a look at this blog on Writing Text Ads if you’re interested in learning some best practices.

You can pause all of your old Standard Text Ads once your Expanded Text Ads have been approved, but remember that you’ll still want to perform active AB Split Testing on all of your new ads. The Expanded Text Ads are still very new, so it’s going to take a lot of testing to figure out how to best optimize them. If you find yourself getting frustrated while updating to Expanded Text Ads don’t hesitate to contact us at Digital Reach and we’ll help you get back on track. Look out for more blogs on Expanded Text Ads since Google is sure to be making some tweaks over the next 6 months. You won’t be required to upgrade to Expanded Text Ads until February 2017, so upgrade today to get a big leg up on your competition.  

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