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How To Bring Back Customers & Convert Them


Getting new customers is a struggle, but bringing back old customers presents its own challenges. The ideal is that once they have experienced your product and services they’ll always want to come back to you in the future. Sadly, this is far from the truth. You will always have competitors trying to sell your customers that they can do more for less money. With all of this in mind, sometimes your best bet is to revisit old leads and try to convince them to buy from you again. This is why it’s always crucial to maintain a good relationship with all of your past customers, and to keep good records.

What Brings Back Old Customers?

There are a few basic rules to keep in mind when trying to bring back old visitors:

  1. Stroke their ego. Remind them how good they looked in your apparel line, how that made them feel about themselves. Craft messages that relate to their goals, struggles and desires.
  2. The driving force behind most human behavior is pleasure. We don’t want to remodel our house, but when it’s done it looks so much better or has increased the value so much that it made the pain of doing it well worth it.
  3. We love new things! Did you need a new iPhone this year?  No, but you HAD to have the latest model. Having fresh and new products for your old customers can make all the difference
  4. How you sell. If a customer doesn’t like the message you put out, they’ll most likely never do business with you again. You have to use words they instinctively want to hear: Free, New, Instantly. These are action words, and we have to remember to play on their emotions as well: “Don’t let this happen to you,” “They need your help now.”  When customers hear these words, they’ll enjoy their purchases more.
  5. Reduce pain points. Neuroeconomic experts state that most buyers are conservative spenders.  This means they have trouble parting with their money unless they feel there is something in it for them. Bundling your words to ensure them they’re getting the better part of the deal has proven to be highly successful. Rather than “for a fee” you could say “for a small fee.” Your goal is to get your customer from A to Z as quickly as possible. The better you are at getting them closer to the end, the more likely they will be to take that final step and buy from you again. If you offer them a “free trial” it tempts them to try you again and reminds them why they bought from you the first time.
  6. Make it personal. By going through your records you can let your customer know that you remembered them, what they bought, if it was for a special occasion, etc.  By making them feel important to you, they are more likely to come back and remain loyal. In an experiment done by Xerox, psychologist Ellen Langer found that people are willing to do more for you if you give them a reason. Even if that reason is arbitrary. Tell someone WHY they should do something and they are more likely to do it. In this video from Career Builders they hit on all of the emotional reasons why you should be looking for a new job. The comedic value coupled with the reasoning why has imprinted in your mind that you will consider their services first.
  7. Faster isn’t always better. According to a study by the Gallup Group, quality matters more than speed. Yes they want their product fast, but they want their needs met first. They want to know that they personally are important to you.  Customers are more likely to remain loyal when they evaluate the services as “courteous, willing and helpful.”

How Do Your Reach Past Customers?

So where does all of this lead us in AdWords? Since we can’t directly market; remarketing is our best tool for getting old customers back. They’ve visited your site before, now let’s remind them why they came. Here’s the easy step by step in setting up a remarketing list. Getting images made are fun and easy as you can capture snippets from your website (further imprinting in the customers mind) or craft relevant pictures of your product or service.

Always remember to keep your customers engaged and remind them why they chose you in the first place. Once you have them, remember the tips above and you can keep them.

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