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By Ralf Schulz | Analytics, SEO | July 23, 2014

Site Metrics on the Go: Mobile Google Analytics

photo4-576x1024In 2012 Google Analytics had already been installed on over 10 million websites when it was released for Android platforms. Today GA is one of the leading website metrics tools. About a month ago (June 12, 2014), Google released yet another update for GA on mobile (still only applicable to Android users). Features were added at this point to lessen the gap between desktop GA and mobile GA, including a “My Reports” tab, support for default segments on all reports, and improved navigation via talkback. Despite all these improvements for Android, the Apple/iPhone community still didn’t have an “on the go” solution. Google has finally released a version of Google Analytics for the iPhone. It only took them two additional years to get there, but here it is nonetheless. With the new Google Analytics App you’ll find many of the features you’d expect, such as visits, sources, pages, views and so on. They have also included real time reporting allowing you to see minute by minute site performance. This could be very useful to E-Commerce store fronts. Like the Android app, Google Analytics for iPhone makes it easier for webmasters and business owners to keep track of their internet metrics on the go. Webmasters will no longer have to wait until they are near a desktop computer or in their office. These metrics are now available anywhere you need them. Why should you be using Google Analytics? Here are a few reasons to consider.

  • Setup and track your website goals
  • Track Events
  • Understand your audience
  • Connect your Google Webmaster Tools and Google AdWords Accounts (Universal Tools)
  • Track and understand your site speed
  • See most visited and most popular pages
  • Understand search queries
  • Real-Time Reporting (A+ on the mobile app)
  • Custom Dashboards

Screen-Shot-2014-07-21-at-8.30.30-AM-1024x909I don’t use an iPhone, so  couldn’t immediately test out the software, so I decided to look for it on my iPad. Although you can install the app on an iPad, you’ll need to find it in the iPhone-only section in the app store. The app will run on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, but is optimized specifically for the iPhone5. It also requires that you have iOS 6.0 or later. After jumping through some compatibility hoops and trying to link my account for the first time, I ran into a few more complications. The app accepted my login credentials but continued to show an error message, “There was an error while trying to retrieve Google Analytics accounts for (insert email address).” From a small internet search, it turns out that I wasn’t the only person to see this message (though I’m sure it’ll be fixed in the next update). Let us know if the comments if you’ve downloaded this app and what your experience with it was. What features do you like, dislike, or think they need to include?

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