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By Digital Reach | SEM | March 21, 2016

Label It!

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Do you have an account with tons of campaigns in all different types?  Is there more than one person handling different campaigns? Sometimes it can be tough to keep it all sorted out, so Google provided us with a handy tool to help out – labels.

These remind me of sticky notes.  I used to use them on everything. Back when reports were done on paper, I had these color coded stickies popping out all over the place whenever I wanted to highlight something. You can’t really do that on a computer, but you can use labels. Labels allow you to create color-coded tags in a column right next to your clicks, impressions and conversions at the Campaign, Ad Group, Ad, and Keyword levels. They’re a great visual reminder to keep track of all sorts of things, from campaign organization and much more.

Making Labels In AdWords

To create a label, just check one or more of your campaigns, ad groups, or keywords and then click the Labels drop-down and select Create New. Or, you can apply an existing label by checking the appropriate box. To make things even easier, AdWords lets you apply multiple labels simultaneously.



Editing Labels In AdWords

Google added the ability to edit labels in its offline AdWords Editor, something that becomes incredibly handy when you’re making bulk changes. Editor can’t create new labels, but you can assign and view existing ones with the Labels button in the Shared Library.



When to Use Your Labels

  • You can use labels for Ad Rotations – By color coding your ads, you can tell which one has been successful and which one you need to rotate out when A/B split testing.
  • You can use labels for marking Ad Groups – Have an ad group you need to turn on for a holiday, then turn off shortly thereafter? Perfect way to help identify them.
  • You can use labels for keyword testing – Have a keyword you want to test but afraid it will get lost in all the other keywords?  You can set a label to identify one or many keywords that you want to watch more closely.
  • You can use labels for new initiatives – By color coding and text type, you can remind yourself when you started a new campaign or ad group that you’re testing, or that has a limited run time before having to decide if you want to pause it or not.

Labels are a great way to track anything you either want to view by group or keep a closer eye on. They’re easy and handy to use.  Give it a try!

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