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By Ben Childs | SEM, SEO, Web Dev | May 7, 2015

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Enter Q2

Happy 2nd quarter from Digital Reach! We find our team expanding yet again, as we’ve hired an additional AdWords tech, content writer and web developer. Hiring is tough business. I’m sure we all have stories about the difficulties in finding good talent, including candidates that even researched your company before their interview… but timing the hiring process may be even harder.

As a small business, the dilemma is as follows: hire too late and enjoy the extra margin (for a little while), or hire too early and trade flexibility for better service capacity. After all, if you spend money somewhere, you can’t spend it anywhere else!
We try our best at Digital Reach to shade towards the latter, believing that service comes above all else. In the long run, client satisfaction will always win out.

From the Blog

We recently switched over to Skitch for the screenshots that we include in reports. It allows us to point out important information in an account without the need for our clients to log in. AdWords Tech Nick Rennard wrote a great post about the different ways to improve an AdWords report, and one of the most effective ways is to include the visual representation that Skitch is able to provide.
One of the more frequent questions we get from clients is about why their Ad was penalized (note: it doesn’t help that Google notifies them directly, without context, which makes it seem like more a problem than it actually is!). Adwords Tech Macadam Lea wrote a primer on how to navigate Google’s various ad policies, making sure to list out exactly what Google is looking for, and what can happen to your account if you get caught!

We’re looking forward to taking advantage of the flexibility provided by the new members of the team. We’re able to focus on improving our education, our processes, and rewarding outstanding team members with more managerial responsibilities. Our goal is to continue to do what made us successful and sustaining that success in the long-term.



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