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By Digital Reach | SEM | October 26, 2016

Message Extensions For Mobile

Just like how your Search ads have extensions, now too you can have message extensions for mobile. This is HUGE news in Google’s efforts to move forward on the mobile platform and be the leader in making mobile devices the priority for digital advertising.

What are Message Extensions?

Message extensions, like all other ad extensions, are eligible to show alongside an advertiser’s ads, generally making them larger and more feature-rich while increasing CTR.

Google’s release of this new ad extension emphasizes the shift towards mobile messaging as the preferred way people communicate. In the same way that they use messaging to talk to each other, consumers seeing a sponsored search ad can tap the messaging icon and immediately start a text message conversation with the advertiser, to make a purchase or get information – a much more modern take on the traditional sales 1-800 number.

Setting up Message Extensions Are Easy

Message extensions are currently very limited and only available in a few accounts, but Google promises they’ll be available in the coming weeks to all advertisers.

From the ad extensions tab, advertisers can create message extensions at either the ad group or the campaign level. Creating a new message extension opens the following prompt:

Like the new ETAs (Expanded Text Ads) Google is giving us more space to deliver your message.

Business Name provides you with 25 characters to provide a business name people will remember.

Text Number can be any number that can receive text messages. Imagine if you will, having a sales employee dedicated to responding to these text messages. For the first time ever, people won’t get in trouble for texting at work.

Extension Text is 35 characters long and will appear with your ad. Messages such as “Text Us” or “Send A Text” in the extension give clear direction in what you want the searcher to do like any call to action.

Message Text gives you 100 characters of space. Once a user clicks on the extension Google will populate this message in the text field of their native messaging app. You will use this message to help begin a conversation with your sales team. Specific messages like “I’d like to schedule an appointment” or “I’d like to hear about upcoming events” will help your team answering these texts begin a conversation and ultimately increase sales.

The Downside of Message Extension

The same as any other ad extension you can see how many impressions and clicks the message extensions receive. The bad news is that Google currently cannot track texts from message extensions as a conversion in AdWords. This means if you want to see how many texts your message extensions are receiving you’ll have to create your own system to track and measure the success of their message extensions. Some advertisers have found success by either tracking how many texts they receive with their message text or by using a different number exclusively for the AdWords message extensions.

So, while message extensions for mobile are not available for all of your accounts, they’re coming soon – so keep an eye out and get ready to text!

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