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By Digital Reach | SEM | November 15, 2016

New Demographics for Search Ads

Demographics for Search Ads

Demographics play an important role in marketing.  While AdWords has allowed us to target audiences based on different demographics previously, they are now offering us a new method – Demographics for Search Ads. Generally, you wouldn’t pay to advertise for women’s purses to men, nor would you want to sell home remodeling to someone under 18. Google’s new update allows you to better target high-value demographics which will lead to better results.

Things to Consider

With the new format, you now have great opportunities at your disposal, including the ability to:

  • Target demographics that are more likely to convert
  • Bid higher when you target demo searches for your existing keywords
  • Create additional campaigns targeting a specific demographic
  • Tailor ads and landing pages to a new demographic target
  • Add demographic exclusions to an existing campaign

Cater your ads and offers differently to different demographics

Men and women both searching for “Leather Boots” are looking for two different types of apparel. By creating two separate ad groups you can show different ads to these different users each promoting the appropriate items they’d be interested in. You can direct traffic to the appropriate landing page featuring the products they would be specifically interested in.

Here are some ideas of what you might show and exclude in different markets:

Plastic Surgeon excludes men from seeing their ads

Florist create a bid adjustment for men during Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day

Retirement planner only shows ads to men and women over 50

Don’t exclude the “unknown” demographic

When Google can’t identify a user’s gender or age, it will automatically group their data under “Unknown.” They may also include users under the age of 18 in this category as well. When used correctly these new demographic targeting options have the opportunity to convert at greater numbers for your search campaigns; particularly in industries that sell products/services that are age/gender specific.

Data Data Everywhere

These new target options can be found at the ad group level of your Search campaigns. From the “Audience” tab there is a new sub tab named “Demographics” that shows the performance data of different ages and genders in that ad group.

You can use this data to create bid adjustments for different demographics or exclude certain age or gender groups from seeing your ads on the Search Network as well as viewing demographics by a secondary metric of Impressions, Clicks or Conversions.

Demographic targeting options

Demographic targeting for Search, Display or Video campaigns can include:

Age: “18-24,” “25-34,” “35-44,” “45-54,” “55-64,” “65 or more,” and “Unknown”

Gender: “Female,” “Male,” and “Unknown”

Demographic targeting for Display or Video campaigns can include:

Parental status: “Parent,” “Not a parent,” and “Unknown”

Demographic targeting for Video campaigns can include:

Household income (currently available in the U.S. only): “Top 10%,” “11-20%,” “21-30%,” “31-40%,” “41-50%,” “Lower 50%,” and “Unknown”

Utilizing this type of highly segregated and targeted data should show big increases in CTR and conversions – you’re giving the people what they want.

Is all of that clear? We’d be happy to answer any questions you might have if this feels confusing or overwhelming. Just contact us, and happy advertising!

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