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By MacAdam Lea | Analytics, SEM | March 22, 2016

The New Google Analytics 360 Suite

For a long time Google has offered two different programs on Google Analytics: Google Analytics Standard and Google Analytics Premium. The Premium package included a number of features that are absent in the free Standard package, such as a dedicated account manager and 24/7 emergency support. This increased support comes at a price however, roughly $150,000 per year for support and services. For more information check out this blog over at BlastAM – they do an excellent job of showing the differences between the Standard and Premium packages.

As of March 15th the Google Analytics Premium package is now called the Google Analytics 360 Suite. This is Google’s attempt to further establish itself as a data platform rather than simply a search engine, with the 360 Suite providing a much more integrated platform for marketers to track customers. With companies like Facebook cutting into Google’s mobile market Google needs to keep pace to stay competitive. If you do a Google search for the old Premium Package today you’ll get redirected to the new Google Analytics 360 Suite site here.

Google Analytis 360 Suite

There are 6 new products featured on the Google Analytics 360 Suite homepage which you can see in the image above. “Analytics 360” and “Tag Manager 360” are both old products that have simply been rebranded, but the other four were rolled out with the Google Analytics 360 Suite. We’ll cover all six of them in detail below.

Analytics 360 (rebrand)

This is essentially everything that the old Google Analytics Premium package used to include. Analytics 360 allows you to view all of your key marketing data points in one place. This not only saves time but allows for further insights since you’re able to compare multiple touchpoints at once. Analytics 360 is updated regularly as Google rolls out new products, so keep an eye out for new additions.

Analytics 360

Tag Manager 360 (rebrand)

Tag Manager 360 is a rebranding of the old Google Tag Manager. It allows for quick and easy updates to tags and code snippets on your website/mobile app. Anything that is intended for marketing optimization or traffic analysis can be custom tagged with Tag Manager 360 to easily categorize data. No big changes here other than the rebranding.   

Tag Manager 360

Optimize 360 (beta)

If you’re familiar with AdWords maybe you’ve heard of Ad Rotations (Nick Rennard wrote a great blog about them here). Optimize 360 does the same thing, but for landing pages on your website. This allows you to test different variations of text/visuals on your landing page to figure out what resonates most with your customers. This is an exciting change, since A/B testing has always been one of the best ways to increase a campaigns average conversion rate. I’ll probably be writing a more detailed blog on this once I’ve had a chance to test it out for myself.

Optimize 360

Attribution 360

In the past Google Analytics has struggled with integrating offline marketing channels into their overall view. Attribution 360 works to solve that by pulling all of your on/offline marketing channels into one place. This makes it much easier to compare ROI across multiple platforms and provides a more comprehensive view of the complete customer journey.

Attribution 360

Audience Center 360 (beta)

One thing that Facebook has always done much better than Google is tracking detailed information about their users. If you’ve advertised on Facebook you know that you can target anything from “people who’s favorite band is Celine Dion” to “anyone in the upper-middle income bracket”. Audience Center 360 collects and organizes all of your data sources providing more information about your audience. This allows you to target the right users with the right message as well as cut back on unnecessary traffic.

Audience Center 360

Data Studio 360 (beta)

The Data Studio 360 provides a way to turn your data from the other Google Analytics 360 Suite products into interactive reports and dashboards. This is especially useful if you ever want to compile data to show at a meeting or let higher-ups at your company look over and don’t want to waste their time with unnecessary data points.

Data Studio 360

Final Thoughts

While a portion of the Google Analytics 360 Suite update is just a rebranding of some old products there are some great tools included in this update. Just remember that the 360 Suite is a paid Google product. If you want to make use of the Google Analytics 360 Suite you’ll have to pay their $150,000/year fee or have your SEM managed by someone who already has access to the program (like our team here at Digital Reach). Keep an eye out for further blogs on this topic since the 360 Suite is still brand new and we still have a lot to learn.

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