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By Ben Childs | SEO | December 30, 2015

Our Best SEO Blogs of 2015

seo-1018442_1920A lot of changes happened in the world of SEO in 2015. Of course, when it comes to Search Engine Optimization, that could be said about an year, considering how much it turns over. It’s a constantly evolving business, and even those at an agency find it tough to stay on top of it.

We’ve touched on many of these changes in great detail, but oftentimes I find that the best posts are the ones that cover the basics. For most people the ins and outs of the Pigeon Update might as well be written in Greek, what they need to know is how it affects them and what they need to change to stay ahead of the curve.

With this in mind, I’ve highlighted some of our blogs that give you the “need to know” details without getting bogged down in too much technical information. SEO is complicated, and gets even more so by the day. So enjoy these SEO blogs, they’re some of the best from 2015!

Local SEO

This year I gave a presentation at The Nightclub and Bar Show: What You Need To Know about Local SEO. It’s the quick hits on terms you should be familiar with, and the rules/strategies you may not have thought about. Google doesn’t just hand you a card when you start a business and tell you how everything works. Who knew that NAP was so important? I didn’t, until I did the digging and learned that it was. These are

On a related subject, our Head of SEO Ralf Schulz wrote a great piece about his predictions for Local SEO in 2015. A good name for a Local SEO blog series would be a “quick and dirty guide to LSEO,” because it is one of those things that every small business needs to know, but don’t necessarily have the time to learn. I’ve dealt with countless owner operators who feel that they’ve been forced into becoming experts at SEO and AdWords as a second job on top of the 24/7 grind of being an entrepreneur. Both of these blogs can help you quickly learn the basics and save you from being bombarded with information that the average business owner doesn’t need to know.

SEO On-site errors

Our web developer Arin Adamson wrote a great three-part piece about fixing SEO errors. This is something that gets a little deeper into the weeds, but is still accessible to someone with some technical knowledge of how HTML works. The goal here is to offer a comprehensive look at the biggest fixes that you can make that will have the greatest impact on your site. No one is perfect, and these are issues that even the biggest B2B websites struggle with. Part 2 of the series covers Redirects and Duplicate Content, and Part 3 covers 404 errors. If you want to improve your site from the ground up, this is information that you don’t want to miss.

Persona-specific keywords

Lastly, Ralf wrote another great post about how to do Keyword Research for SEO. In it he asks questions that people rarely ask themselves when spewing as many keywords as possible into an Excel sheet. Things like “do you even answer this question?” and the all-time classic: “Is this keyword relevant to you, or do you just want to rank for it?”

It reminds me of the old AdWords days, when you could get keywords for a nickel (it’s crazy how quickly you can feel old timey because of how fast SEO and SEM changes). The more keywords you could advertise for, the better. Once AdWords become more of a market, you need to start making decisions with your budget. “Shoes” may not exactly convert the way “Red High Heels” does. The same holds true for SEO: improvement requires resources and attention. Pick the keywords that are relevant to who buys from you!

Happy 2016!

If you have a basic question regarding SEO, it’s probably answered by one of these blogs. If you’re an SEO professional you may want to focus on some of our other content, but for the average business owner these are all a great place to start. If you have more questions though just post a comment below, we love to talk more about SEO!

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