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By Digital Reach | SEM | April 3, 2017

Partners Are In Search Too

There is nothing better than being partners in life.  Partners share things, they look to make each other successful. Google Search Partners is no different.

What are Search Partners?

Search Partners are websites that have joined Google to show your ads. There’s no exact listing as to who are in the Search Partner Network – Google keeps these things all hush hush along with their algorithm. We do know that they include some online directories and smaller search engines, like Ask. It also includes Google owned sites such as Maps, Gmail and YouTube, so you can expect your ads to show here as well.

If you have a Shopping Campaign, you can also expect your ads to run as well. So as you can see, it’s not just your text ads that get to share in Search Partners.

Now, Where To Find The Data

Now that you know what Search Partners are, I’m sure you’ll want to know where you can see the information on it. 

AdWords will show you with the breakdown of each campaign, ad group even the keyword performance on Search Partners by checking the Segment tool and then Network (with search partners.)

Here is another view at the keyword level. You can see in this example below that we’re getting some impressions, some clicks, certainly some spend, but a far inferior CTR than those not in the Search Partners.

This isn’t always the case, in some instances your ads can be performing exceedingly well, but you’d never know if you never checked.  If you’re generating poor conversion rates, this is always a good place to start to analyze what’s going on.

Google does state that ads shown on search partner sites will not affect your keyword Quality Score, which means that your average CPC will be unaffected by low search partner CTRs. But despite this, poor CTRs from search partner ads will still heavily impact your campaign’s overall performance by skewing your data. What’s really great is that you can download this to a CSV file and look at the data more closely.

Opt In – Opt Out

Unfortunately, you cannot make bid adjustments on Search Partners.  You can Opt in, or you can Opt Out. You also cannot create a campaign to show just on the search partner network. The good news is that this is on a campaign level, so if one campaign is doing well, you can continue to show there and opt out for campaigns doing poorly.

The good news is that Search Partner Network is free. It doesn’t cost you any more or less to be in it.

This is just one option that Pay-Per-click can offer you in the advanced world of Digital Marketing. For this and many more informative blogs, visit us here at Digital Reach Agency where our experts can help guide you through your options.

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