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By Digital Reach | SEM | July 6, 2016

It’s Quality Score, Not Quantity Score

Ever wonder what Google thinks of your keywords?  Checking your Quality Score is vital to your placement and cost that you will pay for a click.

What’s a Quality Score?

Quality Score is a grading system that Google uses to determine if your ad is eligible to be shown. It also determines how much you will pay for a click for the same spot as a competing ad. You can see from the graph below how better Quality Score means cheaper CPC (Cost per Click) and higher Ad Rank, which means you’ll pay less for a click and show up higher!


Where is the Quality Score?

If you’re looking under each campaign, or each ad group, you will not be able to find it.  Quality Score is shown as a column under the broad umbrella of all the campaigns. Simply click on the keywords tab and modify columns under Attributes.



Once in place, you can see all you keywords in all campaigns and ad groups with the QS column.

How does Google decide?

There are certain factors that Google considers when scoring your keywords. These include your Landing Page and the relevance of it to your keyword.

The importance of the user finding what they want when they hit your landing page cannot be stressed enough. Google wants searchers to have the best experience possible and find what they are looking for. Always keep this in mind when working with your keyword list.

Click Through Rate (CTR) is also important.  This number is derived by users clicking on your ads and they are saying “Hey, I like this ad, it tells me what I want” when they do.

What do the numbers mean?

If your Quality Score is a 1, you should just pause the keyword. Exceptions arise in a new industry or an industry where Google doesn’t understand what is being sold. You’ll have terrible Quality Scores, but so will your competition.

If your Quality Score is 2-3, you’ll be charged a very high price and you won’t be getting the traffic you could for keywords with a better score.

If your Quality Score is 4-6, your keyword is fairly weak.  This doesn’t mean it won’t compete in the auction at all, but you do need to re-evaluate the relevance between your keyword, ad and landing page.  Are you sure they’re associated?

If your Quality Score is 7, congratulations! You’ve achieved a good score that will have Google place your ads in a good spot for a reasonable price.

If your Quality Score is 8+, you have reached the pinnacle of Quality Score. You have surpassed all of Google’s expectations. With this score, your ads are in the most prominent position and you are even receiving a discount on your bids.

In the end, all of this is related to having compelling ads that lead people to an enjoyable and relevant website.  So check out your keyword list and cut the dead words now! 

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