Julian Solonoski
By Julian Solonoski | SEM | July 28, 2017

5 Reasons to Bid on Brand Name Keywords

One of the most common questions I get from clients is this:

“Why should I pay money to bid on brand name keywords when we’re already on top of the organic search results?”

You may be asking this question, thinking that bidding on brand name keywords seems like a waste of money, but after considering it can be a highly effective strategy that will increase your conversions and overall revenue. In this post, I will lay out the top five reasons to bid on brand name terms. This is a strategy that should be used by every single advertiser on AdWords.

Own the SERP

As I highlighted in my last blog post, making sure your most relevant information is above the fold on a landing page is extremely important. The same idea applies to the search engine results page. By bidding on your brand name and showing up first in the organic results, you will effectively push any competition below the fold. This will cause them to receive less traffic and have a harder time stealing your business. Bonus points if you have a Google My Business page set up and are dominating the right side of the SERP as well. Become a SERP real estate tycoon and make sure you are bidding on your brand name. Using this strategy, the first few results on the page should all lead right to your website. Showing up for your brand name keywords is an important part of protecting your brand’s business from the competition.

Conquer the competition

Your competitors will do almost anything to try and steal your loyal, hard-earned customers, including bidding on your brand keywords themselves. The last thing you want to do is have your competitors show up before you on the search results page and run the risk of losing that business. By bidding on your own brand name keywords, you can ensure that your company remains atop the results. On that note, just bidding isn’t good enough. The most effective strategy is to bid for first position for all of your brand keywords. Using brand keywords is an easy way to increase your sales and make it harder for the competition to steal your business.

Control your messaging

AdWords gives you the opportunity to craft specific messages that will grab the searchers attention. You also have the ability to use the various ad extensions which have been shown to increase engagement. Location and call extensions are two valuable examples that you won’t have access to with SEO alone. Location extensions conveniently let users know where you are located directly on the results page. This allows them to easily pull up directions if you have a store front. Call extensions allow users to grab your number and call you directly from the ad. They are much more likely to call when they don’t have to search through your site for a phone number.

One of the most important factors to take into consideration when deciding to bid on your brand name keywords or not is the landing page. You can decide which landing page the ads point to, rather than sending searches directly to your home page. Users who are sent to a page where they can find the information right away are much more likely to convert than those who are left navigating your site alone.

Traffic is cheap

CPCs on brand name keywords often cost pennies because those keywords will usually have a 10/10 quality score. The higher your quality score, the cheaper your CPCs will be and 10/10 quality scores are relatively easy to achieve on brand terms. Quality score depends on three factors: Ad Relevance, Expected CTR and Landing Page Experience. Since the brand name will be prominently displayed in the ad copy the relevance will be very high. Users who search for your brand are obviously looking for you. CTR’s will be exceptionally high and expected CTR will easily get a high score. On the same note, since users are expecting to be sent to your website, the landing page experience will typically have a perfect score.

Quality score also works in favor for you and against your competition. Since a competitor likely has a quality score of 1/10, they will be stuck paying a premium for your keywords and it can get expensive for them very quickly. You might get lucky and force them to stop bidding on your brand keywords all-together.

Increase your revenue

increase your revenue by bidding on brand name keywords

Bidding on your brand name keywords in conjunction with brand-building SEO has been shown to provide a significant lift in revenue when to compared to using SEO alone. There have been a few studies done showing that brand name advertisements do not take away from your organic traffic; in fact, they complement your SEO efforts. Advertisers have also reported significant increases in traffic to their website with overall click volume being up to 30% higher. Capture all of the revenue you can for users searching for your brand.

Are you bidding on brand name keywords yet?

With these five reasons in mind, it should be a no-brainer to bid on brand name keywords. Brand name keywords are cheap and extremely effective. They will increase traffic to your site and your revenue while making it harder for competitors to steal your business. Bidding on a competitor’s brand name keywords can also be a very lucrative strategy, if done correctly. Don’t let your competition walk all over you.

One more note: keep an eye on the share of search impressions lost due to ad rank and budget. This metric will give insight into how often your ads are showing up in the search results. If you don’t take that into consideration, you may find yourself leaving money on the table. For brand campaigns, it is best practice to maintain a 100% search impression share. The auction insights report will also give you a great view into the other advertisers you are up against.

Make sure you are dominating the SERP by bidding on your brand name keywords.

Are you utilizing your brand name keywords as effectively as possible? We can help your increase the profitably of your AdWords account; get in touch with us today!

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