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By Digital Reach | SEM | July 27, 2015

Remarketing: What Are The Benefits?

I’m an avid web surfer. I love to see all of the latest and greatest things that are out there. I surf so many places that there are countless sites that I’ve visited that I can’t remember. Personally, I like searching for crafty and seasonal things to tell my friends about, but half the time I can’t even find the URL again to so I can share all the fun things I find. This isn’t just a dilemma for me, but also for the owners of the sites that I’m trying to find again. This is where remarketing comes into the picture.

What is Remarketing And How Does It Work?

Remarketing allows us to segment past site visitors and deliver relevant ads to them for our campaigns. It is such an effective strategy because the user has already been to the website, so they’ll remember the look, feel and products/services presented. Remarketing helps drive them back to the website and hopefully convert.

So, What Are The Benefits?


Everyone knows Jaguar, Lowes and McDonalds. Why? Because of their branding. You know their name and their logo. You know what they sell and the quality of the product, and you know that wherever you see their logo or name you can expect certain standards to be maintained. When you work in PPC this is exactly what your clients want to build with their customers. They want their product or service to be the first thing people think of when searching the internet. They want their customers to be so satisfied with the product or service that they come back again, and more importantly: to tell their friends.



To Google, relevance is how closely the elements of your ad campaign match what a person seems to be looking for. If I’m looking for designer shoes, I don’t want to see ads for cookware showing up, even if I have been to a kitchenware site before. With a well designed remarketing campaign a person searching for shoes might be on the cookware list, but the ad won’t show up if it’s not relevant to what they’re looking for at that moment. While we want them to come back (and to tell their friends, of course) we don’t want to pester them with items they’re not interested in.

Lower Cost

Because remarketing ads have a much higher click through rate (CTR) than regular search ads, Google has been generous and given us a cheaper price for this service. They know that a good portion of people that click on the banner aren’t necessarily looking for something from that website, but just saw something that caught their eye. Chances are they’ll bounce pretty quickly.  However, because they did click on the ad and go to the website, they’ll be seeing the ad again in the future, and maybe next time they won’t bounce… next time they might convert!

Setting up a Remarketing list is easy. Over time the list will grow by itself. It’s the natural human condition to be curious, and that means visiting websites that may or may not have anything to do with what the initial search criteria was. At some point we’ve all done it. You’ll be searching for a used car and the next thing you know you’re looking at vacation spots in Hawaii. So make use of Remarketing, it works!

Car To Hawaii

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