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By Angela Asca | Web Design, Web Dev | July 18, 2016

Sketch: Bringing Web Design Closer to Development

Sketch – Web Design in the Post-Adobe World

With the fairly recent development of a subscription-based pricing model for Adobe, users have been searching for a new alternative for some critical programs. Adobe Fireworks, primarily a web design tool, was discontinued in 2013, leaving some loyal users shunned (myself included). After discovering Sketch, a professional digital design app several months ago, I was eager to give it a try. It offers a lot of what Adobe Fireworks was all about, plus more.

Sketch Features

Since Sketch is vector-based, it allows you to use patterns and graphics that are infinitely scalable, so if you need to adjust the size of a logo that was imported as an eps file, it’s easy – and it won’t degrade the quality of the image. Also, once you’re in development, you can right click on an element in your mockup to copy the CSS attributes for that item, which is a nice shortcut even if you’re well-versed in CSS.

In addition, each project lets you add multiple pages, making it easy to keep all of the mockups in the same place (and file). There is also an option to define document colors, as well as global colors. This is great, because you may find yourself repetitively using the same colors in a mockup, and instead of having to sample it every time you need it, it’s only a matter of selecting the swatch from the options that you’ve already defined.

While there are still some improvements to be made in the Sketch app as it’s still fairly new to the market, it’s a great start and a much-needed solution for web designers & developers. Hopefully within the next year, some features will be smoothed out and it will be easier to export all of the pages to a lower file size in one click. At the moment, there is only an option to export to PDF, and to export to PNG, you have to save each page separately, one-by-one.

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