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By MacAdam Lea | SEO | April 4, 2016

Social Media Best Practices (Facebook, Twitter & Instagram)

SEM is an important part of online advertising, but you miss out on the chance to actively engage with your online customers. That’s where social media enters the picture. Something as simple as creating a company Facebook page can generate a community of followers who re-visit your page regularly to check for new promotions and updates. Social Media outlets are fantastic ways to promote your business without it actually look like you’re doing any advertising. The best social media content makes users feel like they’re part of a community rather than just the recipient of advertisements. Follow my tips bellow and social media can increase your ROI without spending a dime on ads:  

Social Media

Facebook Highlights:

Credibility – Establishing credibility is hugely important when writing Facebook posts, so consistent grammar problems or spelling errors are a no-no. People are quick to notice this carelessness and you don’t want to give your business a bad reputation for something so easy to fix.

Community – The goal is to get people talking about your business and keep coming back to your Facebook page. Focus your content around their experience rather than just forcing people to your homepage – this will keep users coming back whenever you have a new product or sale.

Engagement – Social media is one of your few opportunities to directly engage with your online customers. Don’t waste it! Make it someone’s job to regularly check your Facebook page to respond to what your followers are saying.

  • Don’t Spam – 1 or 2 updates per week
  • Say no to clustered updates – Let every update get its moment in the sun
  • Highlight important posts – Use your Facebook page’s Timeline to highlight big updates
  • Use images and text together – Ads with no images do 39% worse on average
  • Favorite related businesses – Referring good traffic cuts both ways
  • Respond – This is “Social” media. If a user asks a question in a comment, respond! Same day responses are always best. Think beforehand what your strategy is going to be when it comes to dealing with aggressively negative comments or internet trolls.

Twitter Highlights:

Branding & Voice – Being aware of who you are and who you aren’t is critical on Twitter since you only have 140 characters to communicate your thoughts. Company brand seeps into every interaction, passive or active. How do you want to talk? How do you want to respond to conflict? It is important to establish an identity ahead of time and to be consistent with it.

Be Interesting – Nothing worse than a boring tweet. How do you establish brand loyalty when all you ever tweet about is 50% off codes? It gets very old very fast. Think of other things you can say that establish your brand identity. Did you just have a charity event? Tweet about it! Funny joke related to your product? Tweet it!

Add Value – Every tweet should add value in some way. Rule of thumb: ask yourself why you would want to see this information if you were a follower.

  • Don’t Spam – 1 or 2 updates a Day Less if we don’t have something interesting to say.
  • @replies – When you start a tweet with an @username, only people who are following both you and @username will see your tweet. Add a Period in front of the username if you want more people to see the tweet.
  • Use Hashtags – Using popular hashtags exposes your tweet to a wider audience
  • Retweet – If a follower says something good about your product or just makes a clever tweet ReTweet it! It makes them feel good and boosts your community member’s content.
  • Use Twitter Handles – If you’re tweeting about another person or business use their @username so that they get notified. It’s just common curtesy.
  • Respond – This is “Social” media. If a user ask a question in a tweet, respond! Same day responses are always best. Think beforehand what your strategy is going to be when it comes to dealing with aggressively negative comments or internet trolls.

Instagram Highlights:

Use High Quality images – Instagram is all about eye-catching pictures, so copying images off your homepage probably isn’t going to cut it. Something of DSLR quality or higher is preferable, though Instagram does provide a number of filters that can mitigate quality issues.

Tell a story – For example, Herschel Co. has an ongoing narrative about being on the move, which connects to their lines of bags and travel essentials. So, not everything needs to be pictures of your product! Think of ways that you can show your followers the kind of lifestyle your products are promoting.

Engage with your audience – social media is one of your few opportunities to directly engage with your online customers. Don’t waste it! Make it someone’s job to regularly check your Instagram page for what your followers are saying and respond when appropriate.

Reward Your Followers – Setting up special discounts for people who follow your page or are particularly active within the community is a good way to reward followers for their continued presence. It doesn’t have to be a huge discount necessary, but letting followers know that their business is valued never hurts.

  • Don’t Spam – 1 or 2 updates a week Bigger image dumps to coincide with new product lines when appropriate.
  • Say no to clustered updates – These aren’t good here either
  • Images are king – Instagram is ALL about the pictures that you upload. Ideally you’ll want to get an HD image of any image that you post here.
  • Use Hashtags – If you’re having a sale come up with a hashtag for it. This is a powerful tool for measuring the ROI of each promotion within Instagram.
  • Respond – Same as above – don’t miss your chance to respond to your customers!

I suspect I’ll come back around to each of these social media outlets individually in future blogs, but for now I hope this brief overview helps with your upcoming social media ventures. If you’re looking for more information on how to run Paid Advertisements on any of these social media outlets feel free to contact us for a consultation, or check out one of my blogs on Paid Social Media Advertising.

Have a great day, and I’ll PP-See you all next time!

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