Ralf Schulz
By Ralf Schulz | SEO | December 22, 2014

Starting Out: Local SEO On-Site

Local search engine optimization (SEO) is becoming increasingly important for businesses who operate out of a specific location and cater to a specific geographic region. Performing traditional SEO services allows websites to compete to rank highly for desired keywords in Google search rankings. It is a fiercely competitive arena. It’s difficult for a small retailer to compete with superpowers like Amazon and eBay for overall search ranking placement. But with local SEO, that small company can rank highly for its products and services within its geographic vicinity, thus drawing more visitors and business.

Of course, SEO requires a good website to receive traffic. So, some of the most fundamental concepts of local SEO involve on-site fixes. Here are some key on-site optimization ideas to jumpstart a site’s local SEO:


-Use local optimized keywords in your title tags. A proper title tag is an obvious must for website setup. The title tag appears both as the page’s title at the top bar of a web browser and alongside the page’s meta-description in SERPs (search engine result pages).

The idea of using optimized, relevant keywords in a title tag is nothing new. However, the idea of adding a local touch to these tags is a local SEO revelation. A kayaking supplies store in Denver, Colorado, for instance, would do well to work “Denver” into its title tags when practical.


-Place your company’s name, address, and phone number on all your website pages—and be sure that it is in HTML. Keeping this information prominently displayed on your website is a major LSEO plus, as it is convenient to visitors and helps search engines and directories verify your location. However, be sure that the information is written into the site’s HTML code, and not displayed as an image. Search engines can’t verify information from an image!

-Create fresh, location-specific content for the site. Content marketing is a crucial component of SEO. However, the importance of featuring content centered on a business’s home city or state for local SEO is often understated. A sporting goods store in Charlotte, North Carolina would do well to update its website with blogs and articles that both relate to sporting activities and pertain specifically to the Charlotte area.

Companies with locations in multiple cities should set up city-specific pages. This allows these companies to optimize their local search results individually in multiple locations, rather than try to stretch one page too thin by optimizing it for two or more different places!

These are the quick basics for Local SEO on-site maintenance. Happy optimizing!

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