Ralf Schulz
By Ralf Schulz | SEO | December 3, 2014

Thanksgiving Ranking Shift: Penguin 3.0

turkeyOver a month ago, back in October 2014, we wrote about Penguin 3.0 and what we knew about it. At the time it was known to be a refresh and that it would take about 2 weeks to complete its “rollout”. The original release date was on October 17th and was said to have impacted about 1% of all English search queries. After some movement during Thanksgiving it’s unclear if the overall impacted is now greater than 1%. Over six weeks later (45 day after the initial release) we still find ourselves trying to figure out when the “rollout” will end.

It is very unusual for the update to still be ongoing. Additionally, we’ve found that a majority of the sites that have reported change over the Thanksgiving break only saw improvements or some type of a recovery. This could potentially also mean that there was a reversal of Penguin 3.0 or that many sites have made the correct implementations to recover from the original hit in October. www.SEroundtable.com initially released an article that mentioned Penguin 3.1. On Monday, December 1st, Google confirmed that the Penguin rollout continued through Thanksgiving Day. This let us know that Penguin 3.1 hadn’t hit yet, but that the continued movement acted as an extension to Penguin 3.0. Google has stated in the past that they wouldn’t release a new update during busy sales seasons and holidays. We can interpret this information to understand that this is not a new release but an old release that has yet to be completed. Stay tuned as more information about Penguin 3.0 and the completion of its release.

For more information about Google updates follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Additionally, follow Moz.com’s Google algorithm change page for the latest releases confirmed by Google. If your website had any changes from Thanksgiving, please let us know in the comments as we help with SEO! Thanks for reading and happy optimizing.

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