Nick Rennard
By Nick Rennard | SEM | November 4, 2014

Useful Keyword Generation Tool

Have you ever tried creating a list of keywords for a new search campaign? Let’s say you run a business selling all kinds of shoes. You start thinking of keywords like “buy shoes” or “shoe shopping,” but how many synonyms are there for “shoes”? How many synonyms are there for “buy” or “shop”? How many ways can you switch around the phrasing (e.g. “shoe shopping” vs. “shop for shoes”)? The truth is that it’s impossible to come up with every combination of terms that a person might type into Google.


I’ve been setting up AdWords campaigns for a while now. I’ve stumbled upon a few tricks and techniques along the way. I’m going to share a resource today that will help you create your initial list of keywords. It can also be used for keyword expansion if you’re ever trying to branch out into new terminology within your AdWords search campaigns. Say ‘hello’ to your new Keyword Generator.


  This resource will make your life a lot easier. It’s still impossible to come up with every keyword combination, but this tool will help you generate a significantly more detailed list than you could by doing it manually. I’m going to explain how to use the tool itself, and then we’ll go over some tips on how to import your new keywords into AdWords. To explain the basics of how to use this tool, let’s pretend that we’re setting up a brand new campaign for a dog training business.



Our business is dog training, so let’s ask ourselves a couple questions:

How many synonyms can you think of for ‘dog’ related terms?




How many synonyms can you think of for ‘training’ related terms?







This is a good, basic list to start with. Now, if you scroll down a little bit in the Keyword Generator I’ve linked above, you’ll see some boxes that look like this:

keyword 2

Simply insert your sets of keywords into the appropriate boxes (separated by commas) and click “generate.” This will produce a list of every possible combination of the keywords that you’ve inserted into the system. You can copy this list of keywords and use it within your AdWords editor to add more keywords to your campaigns.

To add these keywords to your campaigns, log into the AdWords Editor. Click the Keywords tab –> make sure you have Positives selected (we wouldn’t want to add all of these keywords as negative keywords!) –> Click the Make Multiple Changes dropdown box –> select Add/Update Multiple Keywords –> copy and paste your list from the keyword generator and click Process.


This will add all of your keywords to your campaigns. Remember that it will start them out on broad match, so you’ll likely want to set all of these keywords on phrase match and exact match and increase their bids accordingly. We call this using a “tiered bidding system” since you’ll want to bid more aggressively for more specific match types (i.e. you’ll pay more for a keyword triggered on exact match than you will for a keyword triggered on broad match).

You can also try switching around the terms for your phrase match and exact match keywords. For example, this list is only bidding on keywords like:

dog trainers

puppy trainers

canine trainers

…but what if people type the words in differently? For example:

training dogs

training puppies

behaviorists for canines

You can change the words in your Word Lists 1 & 2 to switch the terminology around. Broad match keywords will likely still trigger both search terms, but your exact match and phrase match keywords will miss out (and remember with your tiered bidding system that you bid more aggressively for phrase and exact match keywords).

This is one of my favorite tools for creating keyword lists for new AdWords campaigns. Feel free to mess around with it, and hopefully it helps make your life easier.

Happy advertising!

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