Nick Rennard
By Nick Rennard | SEM | September 15, 2014

When & Where?

AdWords Geographical Targeting & Ad Scheduling:

Today we are going to check when your ads are showing, where they are showing, and how to customize these options within the AdWords interface.

Let’s start by talking about the ‘where’ your ads are showing:

To check your current geographical targeting, log into the AdWords interface and select your campaign. Click the Settings tab –> Locations and you should come up with a screen that looks like this:

settings locations

Most campaigns will default to advertising everywhere in the United States, and this is certainly something you should double check whenever creating a new AdWords campaign. I have been handed many new campaigns from local businesses that were unintentionally advertising throughout the country (and sometimes the whole world!). You always want to double check your geographic targeting and make sure that you’ll only target the audience that might actually buy from you.

To edit your geographic targeting, click the big red +Locations button. You can remove current locations by clicking “remove,” and you can add locations manually by clicking the Advanced Search option. This will bring you to a map that looks like this:

radius targeting
You can search for cities, states, countries, area codes, and regions in the search bar. Once you find the place you’re looking for, go ahead and add it to your targeted locations. You can also select Radius Targeting (enter your radius – default is 20 mi.) and click anyplace on the map. This will highlight your advertising area in blue, and you can adjust your radius mileage as necessary for your desired target audience.

Again, make sure you click Done –> then click Save to save your changes.

There’s also a setting to adjust your bids based on the location. Say, for example, you’d like to advertise in 4 different states, but there are certain states where you’d like to bid more or less aggressively. If you click the Set Bid Adjustment button, you can adjust your bids for whichever location(s) you choose (see picture below). Make sure you save your changes!

bid adjustments
The above information should give you some insight into how best to configure where your ads are showing, but now let’s talk about the ‘when.’

Select your campaign –> Settings –> Ad Schedule:

ad scheduling

Your campaigns will always default to show every hour and day of the week. The hours you choose to schedule ads ad should depend on the type of conversions you’re trying to generate. For example, if you’re trying to field phone calls during business hours, then it’s probably a good idea to shut off your ads during non-business hours.

To adjust your ad scheduling, click the big red +Ad Schedule button –> +Create Custom Schedule:

ad scheduling 2

From here you can set the day and time when you’d like to advertise. Keep in mind that your ads will not run during hours you haven’t selected. Once you’ve selected your times, then click Save.

ad scheduling 3
Just like your location settings, you can also set bid adjustments based on the time of day. Some people like to bid more aggressively during peak hours of business and back off on their bids during after-hours. I highly recommend analyzing the performance of your ads during certain hours through the dimensions tab.

Happy advertising!

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