Case Study

How Bay Area Circuits Increased Total Revenue from E-Commerce Sales

About Bay Area Circuits

Bay Area Circuits is a printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturer based in Fremont, California. The manufacturer has 40 years of experience developing high-quality circuit boards for clients in Silicon Valley and throughout the World.


Bay Area Circuits came to Digital Reach looking to grow leads and e-commerce sales on their website. At the time, they’d focused their digital marketing primarily on direct media buys and while they’d seen some success, they were looking to substantially grow new leads and e-comm sales. They were open to a variety of marketing channels as the growth of leads/e-commerce sales was their primary objective.


  • Buyer persona analysis combined with PPC keyword research
  • Refined the UX of existing paid media landing pages
  • Developed retargeting campaign with customized ad creative Launched a branded
  • PPC campaign to re-attract existing leads
  • Launched a non-branded PPC campaign to attract new leads


  • Robust keyword research & buyer persona analysis
  • Keyword mapping and content optimization
  • Custom SEO landing page development
  • Technical SEO changes (site speed times, mobile UX tweaks, site navigation alterations, URL changes)
  • Conducted a link building campaign

The results

Year-over-year results:



Increase in total revenue from e-commerce sales



Increase in total revenue from e-commerce sales



Increase in total revenue from e-commerce sales

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I've worked with the Digital Reach team for 3 years now and they've helped us manage both our SEO & SEM efforts. Everyone I've worked with at Digital Reach has been extremely knowledgeable and I always feel like I'm in good hands. They take a very ethical approach to SEO and never encourage us to do anything that isn't best for our business in exchange for short-term benefits.

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