Case Study

How Cisco Jasper Reduced Cost-Per-Lead by 90%

About Cisco Jasper

Cisco Jasper is an American corporation with headquarters in Santa Clara, California, that provides a cloud-based software platform for the Internet of Things. The platform is designed to help organizations launch, manage, and monetize the deployment of the Internet of Things worldwide.


Cisco Jasper, leaders in the trendsetting Internet of Things (IoT) industry, needed consistent, provable growth using paid media Channels. They were running inefficient ad campaigns and not optimizing based off of results. Digital Reach worked to track value through the pipeline and rebuild their existing campaigns for better ROI.


Cisco Jasper had a number of issues:

  • Inconsistent conversion tracking
  • Mostly bidding on true broad match keywords like “IoT” which were eating up all of the daily budget and providing minimal returns
  • Lack of ongoing optimizations based on results


  • Worked with Cisco Jasper to identify all of the valuable actions a user can take on the site.
  • Implemented code to track those actions as well as where the users came from and how they made it to the site.
  • Rebuilt campaigns to focus more on long-tail IoT related keywords to maximize the number of leads we could generate on a limited monthly budget.
  • After our initial success, we continued to drive down Cost/Lead and increase volume by reviewing what was and wasn’t working and updating our strategy accordingly.

The results


Decrease in cost-per-lead


Decrease in cost-per-click while also increasing lead volume monthly


Total website traffic generated by AdWords campaigns (first year with DRA)

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It has been a pleasure to work with the whole Digital Reach team. They worked with me to create a strong SEM strategy, while paying great attention to detail, and provided exceptional customer service that has elevated our SEM campaigns that resulted in tremendous growth in quality website visits, leads, while tremendously reducing our cost-per-lead by over 90% since coming on board.

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