Case Study

How Perks WW Saw a 1.2 Second Decrease In Page Load Time

About Perks Worldwide

Perks Worldwide provides an automated incentive platform for global enterprises. Their tools and strategies help companies engage with target audiences while increasing revenue, participation, and loyalty.


Perks Worldwide came to Digital Reach with a request to redesign and redevelop their website. The goal was to alter the front-end architecture to provide more personalized content for their users. Perks needed solutions that would allow better segmentation of their primary two customer profiles.


Digital Reach applied multiple tactics to the project to meet Perks WW’s desired goals:

  • Created an architecture that allowed for the separation of their two customer profiles at the beginning of the content journey
  • Implemented functionality to allow for various versions of content on a page, based on specified user behavior
  • Created a design and recommended message that accurately portrayed their services
  • Built their website on DRAmatic; this improved content editing capabilities (back-end) and page speed times (front end)

The results

The new rebuild saw an average decrease of over one full second (1.2 seconds) in page load speeds.

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Working with Digital Reach to revamp our website was a big improvement for our users. The new site architecture provides a much clearer separation between our target audiences and better user experience. The speed boost was a huge plus, too!

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