Case Study

Targeted Marketing with Loungebuddy

About LoungeBuddy

LoungeBuddy provides premium, yet affordable, airport lounge access for travelers, making the air-travel experience more enjoyable for customers from first class to coach. Though they have partner airports all over the world, the business challenge they faced surrounded driving visibility and ultimately engagement for the specific airports in each region with LoungeBuddy facilities.


Digital Reach used radius targeting to reach users within target areas via search and display banner ads. We were able to help refine LoungeBuddy’s keywords by eliminating underperforming keywords and testing new keywords based on industry research. Digital Reach was able to work with the engineers from LoungeBuddy’s to fix eCommerce tracking and have been able to help maintain a 4:1 ROI on all digital marketing efforts across Google and Microsoft Ads.


Digital Reach came up with a plan to get a list of the latitudes and longitudes of every single airport located near target areas. We then used radius targeting to market to users within a specific radius of any airport on that list. The strategy was to target users landing in those specific airports or staying in nearby hotels with our search ads (i.e. people searching for our keywords on their phones) and also our display banner ads as they’re browsing other sites on their devices. This strategy implementation allowed us to allocate resources towards significantly more relevant geographies.


Over time, Digital Reach refined LoungeBuddy’s keywords – testing new keywords, eliminating underperformers, and expanding budget based on impression share opportunities. We also implemented remarketing with image ads to follow users that visited the site. On the display network, we laced competitor audiences (users that had visited their competitors’ websites), display keyword targeting, topic targeting, in-market audiences, and affinity audiences to create more granular lists. Our primary concern with display was to promote awareness/branding, and make sure that users think of the brand name the next time they’re thinking of using an airport lounge. Digital Reach’s next steps involved additional optimizations on the ad side, as well as needed fixes between Google Analytics and eCommerce tracking.

Lastly, there were a few hurdles to overcome with tracking not lining up between LoungeBuddy’s internal reporting and what was showing up in Google Analytics. But, Digital Reach’s web development team was able to work with LoungeBuddy’s engineers to fix their eCommerce tracking. Everything is now tracking properly, and LoungeBuddy has been able to maintain a 4:1 ROI (or better) on all of digital marketing efforts across AdWords and Bing Ads.


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