Closed Loop Reporting

At Digital Reach, we go beyond simple click-and-traffic data to provide the complete loop from marketing investment to revenue. Closed loop marketing connects the leads that we generate via SEM and SEO services directly to the deals that enter your funnel, their conversion rate, the total deal value, and all of the specifics along the way (this could mean tracking which salesperson handled the lead, where the lead entered the funnel, what their user experience was, and more). We believe in the importance of always knowing your marketing ROI and being able to follow the dollars on every step through the process. Additionally, our presentation-ready reports are designed to answer any questions that executive leadership and other stakeholders may have, providing nuanced data in a clear, intuitive way.

Proprietary Attribution Tool

B2B lead attribution is critical to understanding return on investment. Modern marketers are being asked to go beyond clicks and traffic, and report on qualified leads, closed deals, and direct costs. At Digital Reach, we understand the importance of a customized solution for your attribution needs. When developing our closed loop reporting analytics service, we found ourselves needing additional capability to track return on marketing investment in greater detail. Eventually, we acquired our own proprietary attribution tool to provide the ultimate custom solution for our clients. Our tool lives within your CRM (e.g. Salesforce) and doesn’t require any additional login or addon. With closed loop attribution, nothing falls through the cracks.
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High-Speed Strategy Response

Closed Loop reporting gives our account experts the capability to respond quickly to changing data and new information. Our attribution tool lets us make strategy changes to avoid keywords generating low-quality leads, saving you time and money. At Digital Reach, our teams are built to be immediately responsive to attribution data, providing the highest level of strategic agility and optimizing your marketing investment for ROI.

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