Link Building Questionnaire

  • Overview

  • e.g. at Digital Reach, we use Gusto for Payroll, Salesloft for sales organization, Harvest for time tracking, etc.
  • We'll tell you what to do and get the ball rolling, but these valuable links often need to be coordinated/completed by an in-house member of your team. Usually this will be an operations manager who is familiar with the implementation of the various tools

  • Please create an outreach email for us to use:

    Personalized emails get better link conversion rates. It's best if we can use your domain for a send-as email address that allows us to generate better linking arrangements. Please create an email address, [email protected], and send us the password. We'll be sure to send you the template email copy that we'd use for your revisions and approval.

  • If the answer is neither Google nor Outlook, please send your SMTP information.
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